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Black Hand Smith

Shadows of Evil, The Giant Theory [SPOILER WARNING].

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The Following theory contains spoilers for Shadows of Evil and The Giant

The following is no longer considered leaked because as of today people have been able to OFFICIALLY purchase the game so from this point on everything is fair game. 

For starters before we begin let me Officially Debunk the Theory that The Origins characters are the Original characters when they were Young. These are not the same universe, these are 2 separate universes.

Richtofen Quote “ Mission accomplished, Temporal disruption achieved.”

Now, if Origins was TRULY a prequel to Nacht der untoten then The events of Origins would already be disrupting the time stream. Richtofen would not be there to grow older and Maxis would not have a body during Moon.

Now, before anyone says that We never see maxis so we don’t know if he had a body let me just say. I can 100% Confirm that Maxis had a Human Body at the time of his death. When the gunshot kills maxis you can hear his body hit the ground before Samantha goes beserk. We did not hear a metallic clank, we heard a BODY.

Now, before someone says, “But smith, Treyarch confirmed Origins was Canon” keep in mind. Just because something is not part of the same universe does not mean it’s not canon. SOE is another universe but it is canon, Origins is another universe but it is canon. Everything is linked like a huge Web, each effecting the other but overall every single individual thread connects to form this Web.

Ok, So here is my theory




SOE was not what we thought it was. Everything happening in SOE is the real world. Our characters have not died and are not in any purgatory. This is all a Lie. The Great Evil is actually taking over this Universe which is separate from MOTD, Origins, and the Original timeline. Shadow Man as it is revealed at the end of SOE is working for a much darker entity and has tricked you into opening the rift, thus allowing this so called entity to completely consume the SOE universe. Now, this sounds familiar. Why did Richtofen want the Rift Mended instead of opened? It is possible Richtofen KNEW that if the Rift was opened then the “Other” would take the power away from him and take over the universe. In other words he wanted to save the Universe so he could rule it himself. However Maxis wants to open the rift in hopes of looking for Samantha, however once the Rift is open the universe is most likely destroyed.

So how does this link to Origins? Well, here is what I think.The Templar Zombies locked away in the Origins Universe were once part of a Grand Army just like the Keepers in Shadows of Evil. These Zombies were different from the others. They spawned through the rifts. We are also shown that they inhabit the “Crazy Place” which was opened up through larger portals. Now, once the rifts were opened in Origins the dead began to slowly consume this Diesel Punk WW1 battlefield and eventually the whole universe. as the origins universe is about to be destroyed Samantha saves the 4 Heroes from that world and brings them to the original world on a quest to put a stop to the events that will eventually re-awaken the beast.

In Shadows of Evil it is revealed that the civil protector is a miniature version of the Origins Robot. Which makes me believe that as this entity takes over different universes it takes things and brings them to the next universe it plans to conquer.  Mob of the dead still does not fully fit in quite yet however as we can see in SOE there are references to MOTD littered around as well as references to Origins. Meaning that if this theory is true then SOE takes place sometime after Origins universe is conquered

Nightmare Mode is actually Canon to the story. The Great Evil has infiltrated the Campaign universe and is doing the same thing it did to the Shadows of Evil Universe. It is taking over.




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I'm assuming you got all this from leaks, though. Smh. But okay. If this is true, I'm extremely underwhelmed. However, I am not convinced by the multiverse theory, and still believe it is entirely possible for Maxis to have undergone a brain transplant, explaining the fact that he has a body at Der Riese. 

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