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Stop Mocking Me0

Specialist compared to TF2 characters.

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I've noticed a pattern.. 

Ruin: Special power-can run faster when stimulated.... -Scout

Battery: Holds a bouncy-grenade launcher -Demo-man

Outrider: Specialty: Long distance firing -The Sniper

Seraph (excuse my butchering of these names): A one hit kill weapon- The soldier

Prophet: Can teleport back to where he was -Engineer

Spectre: Can turn invisible- The spy

Reaper: Has a mini-gun- The heavy

Nomad: Cloud of highly flammable destructive power weapon -Pyro


These are TF2 powers almost.... 


On one hand, I'm a bit disappointed I could point out these similarities so fast. On the other hand, TF2 is a REALLY good game too many people ignore because it's not too popular on consoles. 

Plus, that means there's a good chance they're saving the best character for last: 


His abilities wouldn't apply to the same way as TF2's medic, as health regenerates naturally, maybe he has the ability to help players earn their special abilities faster? Or maybe treyarch will really give us a treat: Doctor Edward Richtofen: Special ability: Grave-robber: When used above a corpse, will bring the player back to life as a zombie which will run around the map and attack enemy players with melee attacks until killed.  Special weapon: Monkey bombs (toss them and they create noise on the mini-map distracting players and confusing them. They also go boom.) 

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Team fortress 2. One of valve's big 3 successes. Like it's other 2 (half-life and portal) there isn't even public plans for a 3rd even though it's in high demand. 

The game revolves around 9 specialist characters with their own weapons, abilities, and stats. These are: 


The scout: Fast  but not too strong. 

The pyro: Carries a flame thrower, good for damage up close, but is killed from far away.

The soldier: Carries around a rocket launcher with many uses, from double-jumping to just blasting an enemy to pieces. 


The Heavy: A mini-gunner, by all means he should be offensive, but he's not. Other then that he's the supposed figure-head of this mode. 

The Demo-man: A scott armed with a grenade launcher, has the ability to swap between normal bouncy-rounds or a set of more more tactical "Sticky" rounds. Remote detonatable of course. 

The engineer: Isn't actually that well of a fighter. His abilities instead sim from his abiliy to build machines such as the teleporter (which can get you back in the action faster), the ammo-regenerator station, and the auto-turret. 


-The spy: One of the more commonly used characters, a spy can perfectly disguise himself as an enemy team-mate as well as come completely invisible. His disadvantage comes from his melee needing to be BEHIND the target for it to work, and his revolver gives away his disguise. 

-The Sniper: Name says it all. 

-The medic: Arguably the most liked character in TF2. If I'm right he's played by nolan north as well... But don't quote me on that. His ability isn't to attack but rather, his main gun, the medi-gun actually HEALS friendly players. Once healed enough the medic can activate an UBER charge making him and who he's healing temporarily invincible. 


They're then put into a variety of game modes ranging from classic red-versus-blue defend the flag, to capturing a base with a bomb. There's even a co-op mode where both red and blue fight against robot counterparts of themselves. 

The biggest thing about the game however, is that it's free on steam. (It's funding comes from many micro-transactions in-game for customizable weapons and drops much like Advanced warfare's supply-drop system). 

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That would be fukn awesome. Sorry don't bust my balls but what's TF2?

TF2 is a very popular hat-simulator, created by Valve.

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I was thinking Team Fortress 2 in my head. But honestly I had no idea why or where it came from. Thanx for clarifying that for, & for not busting my balls.

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Meet the Ruin, meet the Nomad. Maybe Mann vs Machine is Cyborg vs Zombie.

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