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Custom map of the Giant? What would you want in it?


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I am not sure if this should be under the Giant or custom mapping discussion because it kind of doubles up as two things. I go on UGX like daily and I was so surprised to see that nobody had started a project which was essentially to remake Der Riese but called the Giant. I know a Der Riese remake has probably been done in the past but theirs some time before the actual map comes out and I think it would be interesting for another version of it too be made. Usually we get remakes of Nuketown, Tranzit, Kino and even Outbreak but nothing based off of what little we saw in the Giant intro. I would love a custom map of it because it would not only be fun but it could be compared to the actual map when it releases and see where there are good and bad things on both maps or what map did something better.

If someone made a custom map of it, there would need to be the Origins characters of course. The Wunderwaffe would need to return. All the original perks would be nice, along with the Wunderfizz machine and some of the newer perks. More expanded areas would be nice. Then some nice attentions to detail like spawning at the MP40 teleporter, Richtofens body, Peters hand not being on the power switch etc. I would really love to see these kinds of things in the actual map and thats just based off of what seems most logical, what does everyone else think?

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Lets see... Things to be needed.

-Destructible walls in certain areas (Like where quick revive is) 

Access to the room to  the direct right of the clock. 

Thats an amazing idea. I never used to think much about destructible environments in zombies but we did have the bank door in Tranzit and the map in Origins so maybe thats a small sign of things to come.

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