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All locations seen in the trailer listed

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Ok, IN the reveal trailer we have seen a LOT of Neon signs, and just to be efficient for those of us who want to 

-Theorize the size of the map

-Theorize a map concept

I've managed to comb through the trailer and pull out every advertisement for a piece of buisness in Morg city. 

?oosteps Pipe

The black lace

The Wool Club

Mellow Gold Tobacco

The blast-radious Theater


New(s stand?) 

Ho(T) and Cakes

Coffee shop

The Ruby Rabbit.

There's a few other places that I can't seem to make out as well. 

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I think in the central of the map there is the Black Lace Burlesque which is the biggest building which includes The Wool Club, Cabare and Holly's Cream Cakes. Infront of the Black Lace Burlesque there is street that when looked from the Black Lace has on the right side The Blast Radius Theater and on the left side Cafe. Above this street there is a bridge that connects the Coffee Shop and the Theater.

Beyond the Cafe and Theater there is a way to Canal District which has dock of the canal. On the far left side of the passage to the Canal there is Ruby Rabbit lounge and right infront of the Canal District passage there is Harsha's Hotel with a strip club. I think this hotel has the sacrificing room with dome roof. There is small bridge that connects the Ruby Rabbit lounge and Harsha's Hotel. This is the Downtown area.

You can go down to a passage way between the Ruby Rabbit and Hotel that goes under the bridge that connects these two places. This will bring you to the Bar and News Stand. The News Stand is not a location you can get into.

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Who framed Ruby Rabbit? 

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