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New bonus mode: Dinosaurs

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The year is 2032, and we've long sense discovered the technology needed for the replication of cells and creation of genes. 

Logically, this means the first thing we did was replicated dinosaurs and use them for military purposes. 

Enter project 800: Dinosaur training program, where a dinosaur has recently been BRED with genes that allow a main central computer (RCDH) which controls every raptor, rex, and stegosaurus created. 

All seems fine... Until (cliche I know) the new pet walks in: The hydronosaurus. The first dinosaur that's become 40% metal. 

Naturally... It didn't take long for it to escape.... 

Now you and your 3 friends are left to defend the compound from all hostiles....  HAVE FUN!-RCDH



-Marcus Eytze (Eye-zss): The head of security down here, naturally he's called in when the dinosaurs begin to break loose. Older gentleman, extensive knowledge of dinosaurs and how they work. 

-Sara Testla: Head of research and development, or so she thought.... Female, mid-to-late 30s. Knows the science at work here like the back of her hand. 

Oswind Yuri: Intern here, doesn't know much about this place, or anything for that matter. He's about 21 and is scared for his life. Scrawny, pale, and keeps checking his wrist-phone. 

Project-12: An escaped test subject. With the mind of a human, but scaly-skin of a prehistoric lizard of some sorts. He gains no extra benefits from his predicaments, yet works with you to get out of here alive. Likes to be called Ellis. 

Yurvano Demori: Bad guy, comes into play later, not playable... yet. 




The game progresses in rounds much like zombies. You're given a starting pistol: A revolver. Now, unlike zombies there are no points here. You survive, and you progress based on how you survive. 



-Scavenger: This allows you to pick up bullets left behind for the rest of the round. This replaces max amos. 

-Electric-death: Kills most dinos on contact with your suit. 

-Security: Does what it does in exo-zombies. 

-Restock: Re-fills all the weapons lockers on the map.  

-Drone: This gives you a random drone to help detect where you are and shoot dinosaurs and what-not. 

-Cleanliness: Sprays the entire factory in toxins that kill dinosaurs, don't worry, ellis is immune.


Types of Dinosaurs: 

-Mutt: The basic cross-breed dinosaur, your protective suit will keep you safe from bites as long as you're given time to heal. 


-Raptors: fast, and deadly, they hit for slightly less then the basic mutt, but are faster then you. They're also smart and won't be distracted easily. They're basically dogs. 

-Pterodactyl: Comes on a special round. They attempt to bring you to their nest where you'll be feed to the babies. They can fly of course, and fall damage is an issue until you pick up the exo-boots, then the nest is all you have to worry about.

-Viscous Triceratops: Historically known for being plant eaters... Not here... Lots of defense and hits hard, but is really slow. 

-Micro-raptor: Smaller raptors: Hard to shoot, and very fast. Shotguns are useful.

-Acidosaur: Acid-spewing dinos.... Nothing to screw around  with. 


Boss Dino: Each map is given a specific Boss dinosaur that comes on a certain round. However, unlike regular dinosaurs, this one you CAN'T kill without doing the easter egg. It's best to instead, just hide from it until it clears off. If it does spot you, RUN into SMALL areas where it can't reach and PRAY. You can make it lose interest in you by shooting it a bunch, but it will never kill it. 

For instance, the dinosaur in this map is the newest one: The Hydronosaurus. Basically a T-Rex in a cyborg outfit. 



How one progresses: 

Now like I said there's no points in this game mode, so killing dinos is always in your best interest.

From the first room you simply have to kill a dinosaur that has digested a key ring. Lots of security guards have these keys, and dinos have eaten a lot of security guards. However, look sharp. You can only use each key once. So, open a new room, open the weapon's locker, or maybe the upgrade chest, maybe save it until a better point? 


Helpful things: 

Weapons lockers: There's typically a locker in each room that works as the wall weapon. Once you use a key on it, it stays open forever for everyone. So get your guns and get them now. 

Weapon pull: The "box" of this map: A glitchy weapons dispenser that's pulling weapons from outside the norm.

Experimental amo: This converts your amo so it's designed to hit harder and better, but as with all amo runs out when you hit zero. Remember this CONVERTS your amo. It does NOT give you MORE and requires a key to activate each time. After converting 5 sets of amo for the same weapon, it gets stronger.  

Doors: Doors in this mode are color coded- meaning some keys can open some doors, but not all of them: Red keys open red doors, Yellow opens yellow, blue opens blue. But all 3 can open any weapon locker or blank door, or upgrade chest. 

Upgrade chests: Perks of this game; 
Quick-Repair: Repairs your protective suit faster. Essentially jug. 

Amo-Flash: Faster reload time. 

Exo-boots: Allow you to withstand falls from any height, and walk on acid without taking damage. 

Speed-jump: Quickly thrust out of the way before you get hit!

Printing: Constantly prints new amo for you, but slow. 

Big-bomb: Equips you with a big hulking bomb for big explosions. Good for distracting or spooking dinosaurs. You get one per round and can hold up to 3. 

Gravity shot:  When hip firing, allows bullets to gravitate towards desired targets, as opposed to random firing within one's hit marker. 

Pick-me-UP: Quick revive basically. 

Note: You can only have 5 of these at a time. 



Now, as for mechanics: A blue key will always drop at the end of a round. A red key will drop randomly. A yellow key will always drop randomly during a special round.



I'll be back later for how the game plays out. 


Also yes... I have seen jurassic world today...


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How did I miss this? It is pretty awesome to say its just an idea about dinosaurs. I don't see why they haven't done something like this before, it is really interesting. To be honest it could end up linking back into Extinction in some way or other as well, I hope they consider something like this, especially after ARK came out.

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