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Black Hand Smith

Augmentation Sensation [ Concept/Prediction/Theory]

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Augmentation Sensation  [ Concept / Theory ]


OK so here is another theory/ Concept Hybrid I have


With the way Black ops 3 seems to be going I have a theory that we might be getting some game modes having to do with Augmentation. I have 3 different sets of Game modes right here which I think are plausible for Black ops 3


Human Evolution:

Human Evolution is a free for all style game mode in which players start off as Basic Humans and each time they get a kill, they get augmented. So in a way It’s similar to gun game. The first time you get Augmented a countdown timer begins. 30 seconds. If you do not get a kill in 30 seconds then your body will reject your new augmentations and you will die a very painful death. So it is a combination of Cranked, Gun game, and free for all.

You win by getting the most kills


Ultimate Weapon

Ultimate weapon is similar to Human Evolution however instead of Upgrading yourself you get gun augmentations. Each time you kill someone with a weapon, the weapon gains an attachment or an increase in stat similar to the Exo Zombie Upgrade station. At first you won’t notice much of a difference but as you keep stacking kills you will wield the Ultimate weapon.

Game Lasts 10 Minutes and the winners are decided not by how many kills a player got but by how high they were able to Augment their guns before dying. So technically it’s whomever got the largest Killstreak.


Self Advancement

Self advancement starts off similar to Human Revolution However instead of getting automatically augmented when you get a kill, there are Augmentation Pick ups all over the map. Walk through a pick Up to obtain the augmentation. If you get Killed then all the augmentations will go away and you will need to pick them up again one by one. 

Pick Ups will vanish from the map once they are obtained but will spawn back into the map in 15 seconds. Time can be adjusted during custom games. 

You win by getting the most kills. 

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I love these ideas! Here's one derived from yours: ^_^ that I would like to see: 


Missing link: 

How this works is every player starts off the game with no augmentations. However for every kill a player gets, they get an augmentation at random (night-vision, thrust slam, scythe, etc.) With each augmentation their battery life becomes less and less, at first giving an advantage, but later really draining the player. The max amount of augmentations is 10. This continues until the player is killed. When killed the player reverts to the original only-human status. 

A bit like " Agar.io " (put that into your hotbar and have a FUN time) 

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