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Gun smith: The point?

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From what I've heard about the new gun-smith feature is that it will be coming to BO3's MP and Campaign. I'd love to see it in zombies, but it's not confirmed yet.


Now, as far as youtube has explained is that, alongside a custom camo designer, the gun-smith allows one to create weapons variants, not actually altering the stats of the gun, but changing it physically... 


Now the question I ask now is: Why? 


Surely you can't change the shape or size of the weapon too much, I mean that'd be great but it would conflict with ADS properties between different sized guns. And changing it cosmetically is what the camo designer's for. 

So what does the gun-smith do? 

I know I can supposedly add my own attachments (which I can do anyways in CAC) and custom retinals. But that's not that big an improvement. 

I also know you can name the weapon too, so prepare for LOTS of guns called "AN-94" that are actually "SMR"s. That's cool and everything, but It will get more annoying before long. 



I just really don't see what the gun-smith does now? Any enlightenments? 

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First off, the Gunsmith allows you to add official in-game camos (red tiger, sahara, etc like you would in CaC) and player-made camos called paint jobs to your gun. Next you can choose the attachments for your gun. In total you can have up to 6, and each attachment has their own list of variants that change the looks of said attachment on your gun.

Think AW's gun variants, but per attachment and purely cosmetic.

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right. @Slade described it very well.  To your point of why?  Why do we have any customizations?  Its for fun! makes for originality and ability to express your individuality through cosmetic changes to your gun.  The key is you can save the "variants" and then use them in your classes

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The Gunsmith is the holy grail I have been wanting to CoD since I started playing! I will probably use tens of hours making camos and unique guns and backgrounds to them. Now I only want an attachment that stops everyone else (like outside of clan perhaps) using this gun if they pick it up the ground. I'm really strict and role playing in games like these: I really rarely pick others guns or weapons in other games as well. Take Skyrim for example, I never use unique artifacts, I make my own weapons myself and then name them etc. I can't be the only one.. right?

In short, this is meant for those with artist spirit in them, and deciding what stock or clip you use in your gun? deciding what it looks like? I'm fucking in!

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I think this is a really awesome thing to be added to BO3, its one of the things I have been wanting in a COD for a while Anyways off topic but @Black Hand Smith needs to change his name to Black Hand Gunsmith :P

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Ok... You can add attachments, like you can in a create a class. And you can change the colors with the new custom camos.... 


But what else does it do? 

-Change the name (new)

-Changes the camo to what you want (new but is it's own thing)

- Add attachments (old) 


So the gunsmith is... What again? 

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Drift0r mentioned in his video that you can switch between multiple stocks for example, one wooden, one modern metallic one etc. and other parts like clips, so you can change the visual parts of the gun in there if you require something new to accept it's existence, but it's more for the saving paint jobs and personalized weapons. If you don't understand the glory in it, it's you : P 

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