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Electric Jesus

Specialist Class system info

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(Not officially promoting Drift0r but the dude's incredible. Check him out.) 

So here's what it's looking like. You can create all your classes like normal, change class mid game, whatever. But in addition there are 9 Specialist characters to choose from, and you choose your character each game and can't change mid game. Each one has either a weapon and an ability, and you can only equip one or the other. This doesn't interfere with your classes. Anyway the abilities and weapons are supposedly designed to be a midpoint between killstreaks and normal weapons. You get the ability roughly one to four times per game, as they "charge up" at different rates based on how you play. Some examples include one character's weapon being a minigun arm, and his ability being a "glitch" that rolls your character back in time a few seconds (instant retreat.) These don't interfere with your class at all, but one of the main points of this is the visual differences between characters is recognizable. Remember in BO1 how you can always know when someone is a sniper because of their ghillie, or flak jacket because of their bulky body? You're supposed to be able to see them and adapt to the knowledge that they may have that weapon / ability. 

Will edit in list of revealed Specialists momentarily. 
RUIN - His special weapon is a pair of "Gravity Spikes" Which are an area of effect insta-kill. he stabs them into the ground and sends out a shockwave that kills people around him. His ability is Overcharge, which gives you roughly 3 seconds of double to triple speed.
XERATH - Her weapon is The Annihilator. It's a 6-shooter that is a one shot kill. Her ability is Combat Focus, which is like super hardline. Double or triple score to scorestreaks for a few seconds. Best used just before assaulting an objective or whatever.
OUTRIDER - Her weapon is a Sparrow Compound Bow with explosive arrows. The arrow pick someone up and carries them along its trajectory until it hits a wall and explodes. Can hit people in a line and score multkills. Her ability is Vision Pulse which gives you just one pulse of threat detection in which you see enemies through walls.
REAPER - This robot's weapon is a minigun called Scythe. His abilty lets him roll back time for a few seconds to basically instantly snap him back to a few steps back in time, like an instant retreat. You can basically kamikaze a hardpoint and still survive if you time this ability correctly.

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Are these ideas based off the trailer or legit? 


If legit I feel the time-jump bit would be MASSIVELY OP. 

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