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Black Hand Smith

Call of Duty 2015: Multiplayer { Concept }

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Now the Maps are pretty uch going to be Standard COD style ranging from many different parts of the world as well as a few government chipping locations. Dynamic maps are a step forward and changing weather will make each map feel unique each time you play it. Sometimes there will be a downpour while other times the map will be sunny. Maps will also cycle between Night and Day so if you decide to replay the same map 5 times in a row it won't feel as repetitive. I think it would be good if the Map had a similar mechanic to Ghosts which is that Special Map exclusive Killstreaks allow you to manipulate the Map such as causing a Flood, Calling in a Bioweapon, or causing a Volcanic Eruption that covers the map in a Thick Fog. Definitely some new weapons but also some 2025 weapons return. Maybe a New Grenade which acts like an EMP but instead of causing your character to lose electronic HUD systems it causes the chips to send false messages to your Brain


New never before seen Killstreaks will be added which take advantage of the Chipping storyline. Neurological and Psychological attacks can cause other players to see hostile players where there are none at all. Some more powerful killstreaks will cause an enemy player to see his own teammates as enemies. Which leads to accidental friendly fire and points to your team. Of course you can still obtain more classic killstreaks such as UAV's , War Birds, Black Birds etc. You can pick up to 3 Kill streaks or 4 if you have a wildcard called Killing Spree. There is a New 24 Killstreak which plays with the Chips. A Nuke Style endgame that causes your brain activity to overload. Every character model gets a NoseBleed and dies as their brains shut down. 


I;m thinking of a Game Mode right now and it involves capturing a control point in the Map. Controlling the Control point will cause the enemy team to begin hallucinating from time to time ( Not constant ). The way to combat this is to capture the control point and force the hallucinations on the other team. There are no Exo Playlists Consider Exosuits dead at this point. 


I think this is how I would do the Whole Multiplayer involving the Chips and whatnot

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I was going to spend my evening watching YouTube, but now I want to spend it developing epic MP map concepts....

Great job BHS!

Also game mode idea: Assassination: There's a completely invisible player and 7 others in a lobby of 8. (This can be expanded or shortened)

The "Assassin" wins by killing everyone else. And he typically has the advantage of his choices in weapons. His only downfall is, when shooting or attacking in any way, he can be seen. He also can be kind-of seen when sprinting, but is totally invisible when still.

The other team wins by killing the assassin.

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