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Turned Revisited: RE-Turned

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Turned Revistited





Turned Continues with the Same Objectives as before. He who stays Human the Longest wins. However the game is no longer Limited to a Few minutes. Your New Objective s to reach a certain amount of points. He who reaches the point max first Wins! You can now go in Custom Games 


Spawning as a Zombie : Abilities can be activated by pressing RT such as exploding, screeching, phasing, lunging, and other attacks. The zombie You spawn in as Is randomized 




When you first spawn you start off as Normal Zombies.


Fire Zombie: Run around and burn humans near you. Explode near a Human to kill it. 


Screecher: Run and Blind Players with your screech


Hellhound: You can now be a Hellhound. Hunt the Humans


Pentagon thief: Steal Players Weapons: You can only spawn in if as a Human you pick up a Floating Illuminati Drop that appears rarely.


Phaser: You can teleport 


Panzat Soldat: You can only spawn in as a Panzat soldat if you killed 10 Zombies before getting Killed. 


Mistress of the House: You can steal points from a Player only once if you manage to kill the Player.


Jumper: You can crawl on walls and Leap forward



Turned Exclusive Power Up Drops


RETURNED!: A rare powerup that if collected by a zombie will change him into a Human even if there is already a Human Player


MAGNETIZE!!: A powerup that causes bullets to become Magnetized. They will autolock onto oncoming zombies


SMELL OF DEATH!: A glass vial that can be picked up by a Human. Picking it up will temporarily Blind all zombie Players as their line of vision is Blurred


ENHANCED SENSES!!: Zombies can now see Humans through walls/ Humans can now see Zombies through walls. 30 seconds or until death/


JUGGERNOG!!: Humans can now take an extra hit. 


Custom Games:


In custom Games you can now Alter what players spawn in as


For example, Limiting the game to Zombies only spawn in as hellhounds or, Screechers and Fire zombies only. Or perhaps play traditional and have regular zombies only. Turn off Magic or turn on a time Limit, Increase the Winning score or Expand the Player Lobbies



4V4 Turned


4v4 turned allows 4 Humans to battle against 4 Player controlled Zombies. They work as a team and the More Players in your team that are human the more points you gain for your team. Zombies must become Human to win points for their team while Humans Must keep the enemy zombies from becoming human so they can't score. 


Exclusive Powerup


SWITCHEROO: Switches all 8 Players to their Opposite forms. Humans become zombies, zombies become Humans.

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