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Black Hand Smith

Dead Ops Arcade: Brain Bash [ Concept ]

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Dead Ops Arcade



Premise: Dead Ops Arcade: Brain Bash is similar to Dead Ops Arcade in how it's themed. Dead Ops Arcade was an overhead grind fest while DOA:BB is a Classic Arcade Beat Em Up




When the Game Begins you are thrown into a 2D Beat Em up with Nothing but your Fists to defend yourself. Along the way you will fight various Zombies as well as pick up some Awesome PowerUps to help you along the way. New Power Ups every level


The Orgone Meter


The Orgone Meter is made up of the Orgone or, life energy from the Undead. To collect Orgone Kill the Undead. When the Meter is Full you can use a Special Move Or you can use half the Meter to Do a Combo Move with your Co-Op Partners. it's Wunderbar!


Power up Drops


Double Damage: Do double Damage with your fists or Weapon


Double Points: Temporarily doubles the amount of Orgone you collect when killing Zombies


Nuke: Kills all Zombies on the Screen


Arms Race: Upgrades your Held Weapon.


Rampage: Unleashes the Power of the Beast inside. Temporarily transform into a cosmic silverback and lay waste to the Undead




Weapon Drops

Weapons are sometimes dropped by zombies so keep an eye out. Weapons can not be destroyed but can be switched out for other weapons when you find them. A player can only Hold One weapon at a time and that weapon can be upgraded up to 3 times using Arms Race. When you die you lose your weapon. When you Clear a Stage you keep your weapon but it gets downgraded back to the original form.


Bat: Standard Bat. Every beat em up needs a Bat


Chainsaw: A special Weapon that runs on Fuel. Can be used for a Short period of time


Katana: Slash the Undead


Rubber Chicken: Can't Spell Slaughter without Laughter


Galva Knuckles: Adds electric Power to Fists


Pipe- Time for some Plumbing


Pistol- Limited ammo


MP-40: Ratatatatata Long range Limited ammo


Wunderwaffe- Limited Ammo, Chain Kill zombies. Rare


More weapons as the Game progresses. Mostly Themed Weapons.








B- Jump

X- Punch/Pick Up Weapon/Use Weapon

A- Kick

Y- Do a Combo Move ( Only in Co-Op while near another Player. )

LB- Use your Special Move

RB- Pick Up Zombie/Throw Zombie

D Pad Down- Drop Weapon









Once you beat a Stage you can Select it in Stage Selection. 


Stage 1: The Forest:


A standard Forest Zombies Everywhere. 


Stage 2: The Factory


Beware of Electric Puddles. Face off Against Mechanic Zombies


Stage 3: The SubLevels


Beware of Exploding Barrels. Face off Against Avogadro and some new Zombies.


Boss 1: A Scientist that has gone Mad due to the outbreak. He thinks you are Zombies and decides to Kill you with a Crane. Avoid the Crane as it crashes to the Ground Beat up the Scientist when he is vulnerable


Stage 4: The Jungle


You are in a Jungle fighting Tribal Zombies and Monkeys. Good Luck. Oh and Swing on Vines to avoid Mud Pools


Stage 5: The Mines


Fight Miner Zombies, Screechers, Lava Zombies, and avoid Falling Rocks


Stage 6: The Mine Carts


Get on a Minecart and avoid the Broken Rails Donkey Kong Style. Fight off Zombies on Minecarts and don't fall off the rails. Switch Tracks to avoid traps.


Boss Stage 2: Cosmic SIlverback 


The Cosmic Silverback is Protective of It's Treasure. Approach the Treasure then Dodge. Beware because this Ape can call forth Smaller Apes. Battle Takes place during the Eclipse


Stage 7: The Desert


Fight Zombies in the Desert and through Nuketown. Avoid Sand Drifters which Lurk Underneath the Sand


Stage 8 : Hangar 18


Fight Off Against Zombies and Armed Soldiers.


Boss Stage 3 General White


General White intends to Blow up the Moon. Fight Him while he shoots at you from a Tank. Punch him when he sticks his head out. When his Health gets low enough he will come out of the Tank and Fight you Bare Handed.


Stage 9:Griffons Station


Zero Gravity, Teleporting Crawlers and Lots and Lots of Hellhounds.


Boss Stage 4: King Richtofen


Richtofen is In the MPD., He will summon Zombies to Aid Him. Kill the Undead to Open the MPD. When it's Open beat up Richtofen. Then repeat the process. Warning: Zombies get stronger every time.



Bonus Stage: Agartha ( Must Beat all 10 Levels Twice. Once in Normal Difficulty and again in Hard Mode)


Stage 11: Agartha


Face off against undead from all previous Levels. As well as some new Zombies such as Templar Zombies, Egyptian Zombies and Swap Zombies.


Final Boss: 


Fight off Against the O4. Minus Richtofen. Then face off against Samantha.









Butch- A Burly American Soldier. 


Kimiko- A Japanese Assassin


Vincent- A 935 Spy


Model 116- A Cyborg with Human appearance 

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OOOOOOHHHH SHINY! I mean cool! I like the concept of a beat-em up. Hell maybe at the end you could find out you yourself is a zombie who kills the O3 and samantha on moon! That'd be cool and it would tie into the storyline VERY nicely. 

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I cant help noticing that I recognize these names, at least the last two

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I cant help noticing that I recognize these names, at least the last two

I'm sure those 3 Names are just coincidences. Nothing suspicious going on..

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I like seeing these ideas for more DOA popping up. 


It was refreshing to take a breather from the typical routine of Zombies and still be able to slay countless Zombies in a classic manner. A classic within a classic!


I'd really love to see some "special" rounds or stages where the view and atmosphere are different from the same old "Birds Eye view, different map" pattern. Just to keep things fresh and the player on their toes. Such as the infamous 2D side-scroller we see in most arcade games as mentioned and zombies comes from both sides.

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