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For the first time in 6years....


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The one good thing about this wait is that the Sledgehammer Game seems like it really benefited from the three year cycle. I only got to play the MP briefly but it was the most fun I've had on CoD Mp since Black Ops. Even on the 360, the game looks and feels awesome. And the Coop is just a MW3 replica, but the tier system this time added with the Zombie EE at the end pushed me to complete all the maps. And it wasn't torture to do so. And it was also amazing that they were able to keep that EE hidden till the release of the game. 


So if Sledgehammer is able to finally put CoD back on the right track, it gives me hope that Treyarch is going to redeem themselves big time from BO2. And I'd gladly wait the extra year if it means we will get an outstanding Cod/Zombie game. I haven't bought AW yet, but if the DLC looks good, I might get it with the Season Pass. Hopefully the DLC will be worth it and make this next year of waiting go by a little faster. 

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