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Alien: Isolation

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This came out on tuesday, and so far: Woof. The atmosphere is creepy and foreboding, and the game looks great. So far though, I've played for about 2 hours doing tedious shit, and only just had my first encounter with the Alien. In a cut scene. Where it attacks another character and you don't see it. I knew this game was supposed to be long, but I've almost already lost interest. I'm gonna hang in there because I have a feeling (or hope, at least) it will get good soon. 


The inventory system, which includes flares, a medical kit/syringe you build from items you find around the station, and I assume other things I haven't unlocked yet, is pretty clunky and hard to navigate. For example, if you accidentally select a weapon, there's no way to deselect it, so now you're forced to just walk around holding a syringe. 


There are people on the ship who shoot you on sight. Why? Because survival, the game tells you. 


The cool part is the setting. The game takes place in some giant interstellar airport that was in the process of being decommissioned when you arrive. It has the same claustrophobic feeling of the Nostromo in Alien, while at the same time being enormous, endless and intimidating. There's all sorts of cryptic stuff scrawled on the walls a la early Zombies maps. There are also terminals scattered around the station that you access to read personal emails and official memos that give you a sense of what was happening before you got there. It's a good way to get a story without using a cut scene and an uncanny-valley-shiny-faced stranger giving you various cliches. 


Anyone else pick this up and have any thoughts?

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Ever sense my parents made me watch "signs" as a kid, I've HATED alien creepiness… Dear god this game fucks with me…. 

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I was watching a stream on the game and it looked decent. A lot like Outlast in terms of suspense and having to stay on the run, I did see the guy use a gun once though so I'm sure there is some action elements I just didn't get to see any.



I'll probably wait until it drops to $40.00 but that's only because I have other things to play, I'll be sure not to pass it by though.

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