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An Infinite Loop - Zombies

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This is a very complicated theory, so please listen closely. I will give a short synopsis on the zombie storyline, then add it onto my theory. 


The Zombies Universe. One of the most complicated ones in video game history. Now, I'm going to give a brief opening by telling about the end of the Zombies timeline. Origins is the very last thing to ever happen in the entire storyline. If following the easter egg correctly, you free Samantha from Agartha and give her the ULTIMATE POWER, causing her to re-write time, history, and space, recreating the world around her. She brings her father, her dog, and her world back. She even creates a friend to keep her company, Edward Richtofen. After these events, her father, Dr. Ludwig Maxis comes up with a plan. The Ultimate Plan. 


The whole Origins story couldn't have happened first because there were no logs, recordings, radios, or characters even mentioning it. Also, Group 935 didn't discover 115 at France, it was found at Der Riese.


Back to the theory. Maxis plans to create a research group whose main focus is on improving the human condition. He calls it, Group 935. This is all a part of the actual storyline, but if Maxis were to recreate 935, then there would be a never-ending loop. Group 935 would discover Element 115, experiment with it, and create zombies, thus recircling the entire storyline. Edward would end up teleporting Maxis, and Samantha would end up in the MPD, as it should be.


Then the four heroes would band together again, and kill the zombies... over and over again. Until Richtofen enters the Aether and kills Maxis. Then he would remember everything that happened the first time. But he wouldn't be able to do anything, so the loop would continue with Samantha being stuck in Agartha. Origins would continue again, and the only way to break the time loop would either be Samantha changing the way she re-writes history and time or Maxis/Richtofen never discovering 115.


That's my theory. Read it, and contemplate how it doesn't make sense, even though it does.

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The der reise site was not where 115 was first discovered, the earliest known location of 115 was the meteor impact in… Russia was it?… ID remember clearly… 


Origins must take place in an alternate reality, no other way around it. It has no impact on the story of der reise, moon, or even buried. 


These are the laws upheld by the origins paradox disaster….

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He's right. 115 was definitely not discovered in Der Riese. Wasn't it Shi No Numa? Awh hell maybe it was France. Der Riese was just the testing facility.

But Mocking, I hope by "alternate reality", you don't mean that Origins isn't canon. Because, contradictions or not, it definitely fits into the story somehow, someway.

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Great theory here though FIVE. It makes perfect sense how the whole story itself is one big loop. It wouldn't be the first time we've seen that sort of thing. Just look at Shangri la and mob.

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