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Is the game HARDER with four people?

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Very good subject.

yes and No.

2 player vs 4 player.

2-If you fail to revive game over.

4- You still have 2 more players that can help. -win

2-Less zombies - win

4- way more zombies

2- very minimal frame lag at high rounds - win

4- Insane lag after 25+ on ps3/xbox

2- not as much fun

4- Muchaz fun -win

2- easy to find - win

4- hard to find good 4 players

2- Internet connection shouldnt be an issue - win

4- 4 player games have more chances for people getting timed out.

2- Not a lot of variety of challenges here.

4- Most challnges are involved with 3-4 players than 2 - win

As you can see there are pros and cons, so If I am lookign for fun I go for 4 player, but If I am looking to achieve a high round game I choose 2 player because its quick.

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In general, you could maybe say that it's actually easier to go far with 4 players, everone gets a smaller amount of zombies in their area and there are more players to revive each other and the more players there are, the larger margin for error you have.

With that said though, it's gonna take you a hell of a lot longer, and good luck finding a good merge-and-kill strategy for 4 players in a 50+ game.

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