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New type of Egg is emerging.

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[center:i0zy1dyc]Events That Happen During Real Time[/center:i0zy1dyc]


I know the Egg is on MW3, and the game is made by two different companies. It IS a Call of Duty game, so anything is possible. Treyarch has implemented IW's additions before, so why not now? I present something that COULD end up getting a lot of people excited!

I believe this could have already been implemented, and we missed it due to not thinking about this form of Egg. We have scoured maps in search of things that may be there. We have held "X" or "[]" (square) in every corner hoping for anything. What if the item wasn't there YET. What if it something that you will only find if you are looking at that spot, at that moment. ;)

In the video, a Teddy Bear falls from an air duct and lands behind some barrels at exactly 1:14, 4:14, and 7:14. I don't know about you, but I can not say for certain that I haven't missed anything now. This leaves me shell-shocked. I never thought about the possibility of an Egg being implemented into Real Time.

If I am wrong, and we haven't missed anything, I could still see some awesome ideas being implemented with this. Imagine the possibilities in zombies. Seeing a Teddy Bear is nothing compared to seeing a mangled corpse limping away in the distance. Maybe it could also implement a "Fly Trap" type egg: Once you see the corpse you must shoot it and it's soul shoots to another location and something else happens. I LIKE IT!

[center:i0zy1dyc]Tell Me What You Think:[/center:i0zy1dyc]

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That's an interesting idea but here's my take: Ever since the whole Shangri-La mountains thing my view on missed Easter eggs has changed.

Like from the Shangri-la thing we found out that Treyarch does not mind giving us hints if there was something we missed. If they did that once, whos to say they wouldn't do it again?

I believe they WOULD drop hints if there was more we missed, therefore, until Treyarch drops any more hints, I'm gonna go ahead and conclude that we've found all there is to find in Black Ops, aside from maybe a few small things Treyarch didn't find hint-worthy.

Excuse me if this is a little close-minded but you follow me?

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That is interesting. Why would it be different times? I understand that the time zones could change the hour, but why the minute? Hmm.. I hope if it was incorporated into zombies, (the real time aspect) they would at least make it the same times for everyone. If it was 1, 2, and 3, it would be 2,3,and 4 for the next timezone and so on. This does intrigue me. What if it changes every day?

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Time zones, wow, didn't think of that. Could be very so, but as you said, why would it dramatically effect the minutes to all be 59?

Perhaps we should all do some test runs, see what numbers we come up with, put them together and see if we can decipher any coordinates, dates, biblical passages, or anything significant?

I'm going to do another test run right now. I'm in the USA, mountain time.

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The teddy bears are not the thing in question. Obviously teddy bears have been around for a long time, and I wouldn't be seen posting something so simple. It is the real time aspect of it all. On my game system, at 1:14, 4:14, and 7:14. the teddy falls out of the chute. On kingsley's system it yielded 2:59, 5:59, 8:59. Why the times are different is a whole other story.

This thread was a prediction that this type of egg will be used with zombies in the future, so be on the lookout. If IW can do it with teddy bears, Treyarch can do it with something gruesome, or evil, or decaying, or all of this. It would be a great addition to zombies, especially with the return of a flytrap type egg.

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