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Songs that remind you of zombies

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The other day I was looking for some music and came around this song called “Monsters” by Matchbook Romance.





As I was listening, some lyrics (mainly the chorus) caught my attention:

We are

We are the shaken

We are the monsters

Underneath your bed

Yeah, believe what you read

This part reminds me of the kind of reaction that the people would have to seeing zombies in the real world for the first time.

We are

We are mistaken

We are the voices

Inside your head

Yeah, believe what you see

This tells me of how no one outside of the crew and Group 935 knows the truth about the creation of the undead and who to truly blame for the damage made by the zombies. But it mostly reminds me of Richtofen.

It came as no surprise

You bring me back to life (believe me)

You’d bleed for me, I’d bleed for you

Now this refers to the people’s defiance to believe that this is happening, how this was expected by others who knew about the zombies before the rockets hit and the heroism that will arise in this new apocalyptic world.

What songs remind you of zombies? How do you think they refer to the story?

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