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More easer egg fails/glitches

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ahh origins. We have our fair share of rages,laughs, and fustrations. But here is where all this is now.


Yesterday, i was doing the easter egg with some friends. (3 player), and i broke the seal for the soldats. then we relized that no one had the maxis drone. We looked in Argartha, we looked at all the building stands. Nothing. Then we think the step glitched out. Anyone know? Anyways, we played again later and i kept the drone, and we broke the seal, killed the panzers, then i had to go -_-. It's like no one wants me to beat this easter egg.

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The feels are real... It's a very tedious EE and I, too, have been on 1925G for a looooooooooong time before I finally completed it...


My biggest fail when I was just running around, suddenly fell through the map and died instantly and trust me, that's a pain, especially if you had already picked up your One Inch Punch...


No idea what could've caused your glitch tho...

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Similar to what I always ask my wife when working with something electronic. Are you sure you plugged it in? In your case, did you build it?

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I Was Playing Shadows Of Evil (i Think 4 or 3 players prbly 3) And Me And My Team WHERE SO CLOSE TO THE CUTSEEN, But Than This Happend... I Had The Apothagen Servant And Was So Excited Cause I Thot We Where Really Gonna Do The Easter Egg And That Since I Had Done Alot Of Clutches In This Round I Was Pretty Confident, But Then A Team Mate Goes Down I Couldn't Get To Him Cause I Was In The PaP Room And Then Another Its Just Me And My Friend But He Goes Down After Awhile, Its Just Me, The Margwa, And 4,000,000,000,000,000,001 Zombies, And My OP Guns, I Switch To My Dingo And Try And Hit Him Im Going In Circles For A-Bit With The Dingo, I Try And Save Ammo For The Apothegen And Used It For Just Getting Corned But Then I Went To The Middle Of The PaP Room, The Margwa Had 1 Head Left I Had No Perks So Everything Was A Risk I Got My Apothegen Cuz My Dingo Was Reloading Zombies Came To The Back To The Front To The Left To The Right I Got The Epothegan And Shot It It Killed All The Zombies round Me, I Try And Go For The Jump With A Angry Margwa And Alot Of Zombies In Front Of Me And Behind Me, I TAKE THE JUMP WITH THE WONDER-WEAPON IN MY HANDS... (but i forgot the apothegan was heavy) IM JUMPING AND I MISS......................................... But I Wasn't Even Mad Cause It Was Such A Good Game :) 

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Aaah origins, last night I finally got to the pilot step (im a solo player and this ee is hard) and after I killed him, for some reason I couldn't move and i got swarmed and killed and it was like 10 minutes of glitched fueled rage

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