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  1. Lol it took me quite a long time before I actually got it and now i feel stupid, but thanks man
  2. Where were you when you first played zombies, and what year was it It was 2014 and my friend lent me his copy of bo1, i tried zombies and instantly got hooked What was the first map you played Kino Der Toten, in my opinion one of the greatest maps ever, to this day all my skills come from the hours i poured into it What was the first strategy you ran Training round the stage xD When did you know you were hooked When I first discovered the amazing storyline, I immediately went back and got waw to experience the classics What was your favorite weapon in WaW Oh man, the mp40, I could use that thing all day Do you remember your first down Lol yes, round three when I discovered that they can sprint xD First ever easter egg discovery I shot the kino chandelier with the Mustang and Sally randomly and discovered the radio, I was on google immedeatly What was your first easter egg song 115, man I still love it
  3. Hey so I bought all the black ops 2 dlc about 2 weeks ago and I've been playing buried like mad I must have hit the box millions of times by now I see the paralyser there but i have yet to obtain it Am I glitched? Is it because my xbox 360 is offline?? Please help, I really want to use this wonder weapon
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