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  1. By far my weirdest is just randomly dying after buying a perk on soe, honestly I dont even know why i play bo3 on last gen
  2. Omfg this ee is pain, even after all the new strategy guides out there its still such a bitch to do solo, I've gotten it 3 times in 4 months of playing
  3. Lol it took me quite a long time before I actually got it and now i feel stupid, but thanks man
  4. Five kills away from finishing the ee, walls come down in front of me and i get trapped after clutching it so hard
  5. So I am of course talking about bo2 origins, and step 3, rain fire. I know the general opinion for soloing this stepis to get it from Odin's right foot, the one in the soul chest footprint, but I've had little success with it honestly, round ending, missing the foot because I'm being slapped the shit out of by the zombie I'm trying to keep alive. However, I was soloing the ee last night, and I got sick of waiting for his right foot, I tried it from his left, the less common one, I know the drawback is having to throw the G-Strike before you even see the seal, but you can compensate
  6. In my opinion, de is a pile of recycled crap, but I guess you're right
  7. Just read your thoughts on the matter, and I totally agree, nice one, I hope treyarch reads these kinds of posts and manage not to fuck up 2018 zombies
  8. I agree, they didn't really leave much room for continuation, but they could still do pre sequels and such I dont have very high hopes for 2018 zombies, I'll check it out when it drops but bo3 kind of ruined it for me storywise
  9. Yep, I mean bo3 is okay for gameplay mechanics, if you discount the millions of glitches, I don't have next gen so i havent played it but I too have been trying to follow the story via youtube, I think all this shit with Doctor Monty and the apothicons is just not true to what zombies started off as
  10. That could be interesting, however it's unlikely because then it wont be new and people will be less hyped I dont think treyarch will take it in that direction On the other hand, Der Eisendrache is one big mess of recycled crap so it may happen
  11. I totally agree, I just posted that cos I'm curious Since Origins it's turned into a mess, its so hard to follow, I'd like to see them return to their old formula, a crazy germans lust for power, it works, thats the whole premise of bo1 and its still the best zombies game to date
  12. Where were you when you first played zombies, and what year was it It was 2014 and my friend lent me his copy of bo1, i tried zombies and instantly got hooked What was the first map you played Kino Der Toten, in my opinion one of the greatest maps ever, to this day all my skills come from the hours i poured into it What was the first strategy you ran Training round the stage xD When did you know you were hooked When I first discovered the amazing storyline, I immediately went back and got waw to experience the classics What wa
  13. So as we know (or can at least assume) the 2018 Call of Duty is being created by Treyarch, and we all know what that means! More Zombies! I'm posting this to see what you guys would like to see in terms of storyline and characters Personally, there's four possibilities I'd like to see 1: Victis to return, either a continuation from where Buried left off, or maps containing story about their past 2: Continuation of Revelations, how Primis defeated the Apothicons, story about The Great Battle and so on 3: Ultimis's story before snn, or my preferred theory, a con
  14. Aaah origins, last night I finally got to the pilot step (im a solo player and this ee is hard) and after I killed him, for some reason I couldn't move and i got swarmed and killed and it was like 10 minutes of glitched fueled rage
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