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Town Challenges?


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Here's a challenge that I made. Try it out!

Name: Masochist's Nightmare
Map: TranZit or Town
Weapons: Pick 2 of the following.
SMR, RPG, War Machine or M1911.
You're allowed to Pack-A-Punch any weapon but the M1911.
Grenades: Yes. Semtexes: Yes. Bowie Knife: No. Galvaknuckles: Yes. Monkeys: No. EMP Grenade: Yes.
The score is how many rounds you survived when the conditions are met (see below)
If you're going to do a challenge of this, here's some rules:
TranZit: Only count the FULL rounds in the Fog. So if you went in on round 14 and you were halfway through, don't count that round.
TranZit: Only buildable allowed is Turbine. Carry one at all times where possible.
Town: Hellhounds on, just for torture's sake. Putting headshots only on doubles your score.
Good luck! You'll need it.
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One of my fav town challenges is the 2 box challenge where you can only spin the box twice and must take whatever weapon comes up. 

Or try the lucky box which is just the same as the 2 box except you can spin it as much as you want but must take whatever weapon comes out regardless of what it is. 


Have Fun :P

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