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Extinction Constants And Variables

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Now before I get 20 post telling me to move this to the extinction section: THIS IS NOT ABOUT extinction, well… Yes it is, but It's more about zombies then Extinction: 


A while back I proposed that the Extenction universe is just another form of the Zombie's universe through these constants: 

-Wreaked earth, 

-Aliens screwing things up, 

-Huge infestation of sickening and morbid creatures some idiots decided to test on rather then lock them away where they can't harm anyone ever again. 

-Four specific descriptions of character sent to stop the outbreak: 

A white male with a beard,

A white male with a mustache, 

An african american male, 

And a white female. 


With the new "nightfall" DLC addition there is the introduction of two new characters that tip the possibility even mores in this idea's favor: 




2: The less obvious: Dr. David Archer, which can be unscrambled to form Dr. Edvard Rich,  with a left over A.  This, given, in't a perfect match but look how close it is! And what does this guy do? Try to experiment on the horrible sickening mutations! ANd then what does he do? He experiments, not just on any test subject, BUT SAMANTHA, using the DNA of these things! Also, LOOK! An unknown deep-voiced scientist is working with him. COUCH COUGH MAXIS COUGH!


But how do these similarities make any sense? The answer lies in another game, a lot of us have seen or played: 




Thats right, bioshock infinities' multiverse usage: The existence of infinite universes existing alongside each other, all the same, but in one way or another, different. The image above depicts universe A's: Robert Lutece being persuaded by Universe B's Rosalind Lutece to hop through. I beleive something similar may happen in these character's futures, somehow. As the two samanthas my now both be in grave danger. Or better yet: This has already happened: 


"The brain adapts" is the simplest way to put my theory: 


what we know: Zombie Samantha (ZS) is missing, but remember: SHE IS IN RICHTOFEN's body

SO: All that technology around her, why not send herself to another universe, one where she could find a way to completely destroy richtofen? Now, lets say she "jumps" but leaves Tank, Nikolai, and Takeo, behind: That could explain why we can't play as our favorite O4 characters, because there's only 3 of them. 


Meanwhile, samantha has come across a world where Dr. Edward richtofen died long before his breakthroughs with maxis, who "died" in a horrible accident years before. Leaving little Samantha (now known as Samantha cross) to fend for herself. I should also mention this universe has about 50 years of advancement between the ZU and the EU, so samantha was born in the 70s or 80s or so, possibly even the 90s. Either way, she becomes obsessed with the aliens and started working on experiments with them, after the initial discovery of them in the first map: Point of contact.  


About now (or a few years before) is when ZS makes her jump, and quickly does some background research. Using her supernatural powers, that are somewhat locked to her inside this body, she climbs to the hight of the extinction research team. Where she discovers her counterpart under the false identity of "David Archer". After doing so, and sense she is now half richtofen, she rigs the monstrosities to escape, and sets it all up to capture here counterpart, but make it look like an accident. Now all she has to do is create a constant: Something that has to happen between both universes. And push both her and her counterpart back though to the ZU, doing so will take her counter part's parts corrupted body and force it on the body richtofen is in right now. Doing so will eject Samantha from the machine entirely, removing richtofen from the MPD. And give her the ability to strike back. 


What she doesn't realize is while she was gone, maxis and richtofen have been playing, and depending on what they've done, it could lead to unforeseen consequences… 





But that's just my theory….  ;)


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