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When Nuketown Zombies Really Takes Place (Proof)!

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This is a very cool debate bcs it actually open a cool and fascinating theory who could see Marlthon in a time travel.

Nuketrown zombies takes place in same moment of Moon, Moon is located in 60's and so we can set Nuketown in the same

timeline but then we have Marlthon who is in the Nuketwon shelter and who is in Green Run in 2025 or so. This could open

a cool theory, actually we don't have any prove of that but it could be possible since there is a big gap between the two maps

(nuke town and tranzit) and so we should have a very Old version of Marlthon but he still looks young with same voice of the shelter


I expect to know more by the comic book  



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On 10/27/2013 at 9:42 AM, Rissole25 said:

They honestly just need to publish a book or an official timeline of maps.

Worst idea.

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A bit off topic, but I thought of it after reading through this post: What happened between Die Rise and Buried? 


October 22nd, 2035 - DIE RISE
Still hoping to regain control, Richtofen teleports Victis to Province 22, where he demands that Stuhlinger activate the second polarization device.  Once again, the crew sides with Maxis.  The voices cease for some time, leaving Victis to wander the earth.    


December 31st, 2035 - BURIED
Victis arrives at an old Western town  now located beneath a mining facility in Angola.  They discover Arthur in a jail cell: he assists them on their journey.  The voices of Maxis and Richtofen return.  They activate the final polarization device in Maxis’ favor.  Now corrupted by the Dark Aether, he reveals his true intentions to Victis and punishes Richtofen by trapping his soul in a zombie.  Drawn into Agartha by her Father, Samantha witnesses the evil that has corrupted him.  When a rift opens in Dimension 63 in 1918, she reaches out to that timeline’s Maxis for help.

So Victis travel from Province 22, China to Resolution 1295, Angola, in 70 days? Impossible. Is it an error of the timeline?


There is an individual writer who put together the zombies timeline (unnamed). This person was tasked with knowing every piece of the 10 year saga. Craig Houston and Jason Blundell often have to ask them to verify that their ideas mesh with previous events. 

I believe Blundell in this. He doesn't make up things that don't match with the 'old' story. I actually believe that every tiny bit fits in each other, we simply have to find a way to do so. 


Now this impossible 'error' is not something seen merely in the timeline: In the Buried cutscene the Survivors are seen at the Egyptian pyramids, with Russman saying that the Rift (Angola) is only one day on foot away. This proves that the creators of the story deliberately made this look so odd. The task to solve this issue lays at us.


Prior made theories about this talk about the global plate tectonics being messed up after the middles impact. "The Great Plains" might be some kind of new supercontinent, forging parts of Africa and Asia together, translocate Angola, Egypt and East China geographical close to each other. On the Die Rise loading screen and in the sky of the maps Die Rise and Buried, we see floating parts of Earth. Perhaps the Great Plains is one of such floating lands.


The wastelands in Black Ops II bring more mysteries. The old question what exactly the Rift is comes up in my mind, as well as why the Global Polarization Devices had to be built in the Hanford Site, Shanghai and near the Rift.


Richtofen and Maxis are left with no one to communicate near Green Run ,where the first polarization device must be constructed.

What have these locations in common. Perhaps the answer lays in the description of the Die Rise Timeline excerpt.


(...) He demands that Stuhlinger activate the second polarization device.  

Note that here, just like in the Buried excerpt, there is talked about 'activating'. In Green Run, there is talked about 'constructing'. I somehow get the feeling that the Globalization Devices were already there. They just had to be finished being constructed or merely being activated. It could be possible that Broken Arrow and the SDC had built these devices, to manipulate the Aether (perhaps with the power of Vril), and the towers were in fact part of a larger H.A.A.R.P.-like structure. This could be why Richthofen and Maxis can only built these pylons on these three specific locations. 

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