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Round 60 to 100 on solo

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Just trying to get a basic idea of the time generally needed to get from round 60 to 100

on some of the maps (MOTD, Die rise and Buried). I have reached round 60 on most maps, and then l usually quit from lack of motivation and time. I need to challenge myself and would like to get a rough idea from the players on this forum who have hit these high rounds of the time needed to reach 100. Thanks :)

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It depends what you have at your disposal (traps, weapons, etc.), what obstacles you have to go through over a period of time (bosses) and your ability to hold out under pressure. A match in Ascension is far different than a match in Kino der Toten. I would advise going 100 on a map that offers some form of "infinite usage" without having to recycle. Examples of this may be:

- Electric traps (Der Riese, Kino der Toten, FIVE)

- System Traps (ex. acid trap in Mob of the Dead or fire trap in Kino der Toten/Ascension)

- Buildable traps (Trample Steams in Black Ops 2)

- Weapons such as the Thundergun, Shrink Gun, Sliquifier, Wunderwaffe, Elemental Staves

I find that after, say, Round 60-ish, weapons become way too weak unless you have any of the weapons listed above. Even then, you're bound to run out of ammo at some point with no way of obtaining a Max Ammo. That's where traps - given that you're on a map with them - will become your main source of killing.

Because you're focused on training hordes into these traps, a simple round in the 70's can take as long as 15-25 minutes. It seems that for every 5 rounds you accomplish beyond 60, the number of minutes it might take 5 additional minutes per round. You'll even end up taking a complete hour somewhere in the high 80's/low 90's. Whatever map you decide to play on may vary in times. What I do know, however, is that you will not reach 100+ in one day on a typical map. Maybe in Ascension, if you're lucky.

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Ehhhh infest is right to a degree but his times are kind of messed up. Round 100 on mob of the dead, if I remember correctly only took 12 hrs total (could be done faster). Rounds don't take an hour unless you are past 100 or you on a map that doesn't have traps/infinite damage guns. When I did M.O.T.D. the 70s were taking around 10-15 mins. The 90s were taking at least 20 mins. So yeah they could be done in a long boring day but more than likely you will want to take breaks and the game will last longer.

Here's a similar post I had a Few months ago. http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=100&t=32900&p=311314&hilit=+how+long+does+round+100#p310994

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I have done 5 100s, heres how much time youd approxamitely need:

Shi no numa: 16h-Flogger only

Der Riese (100 out of 125) 9h-KJ Strat

Kino (100 out of 103) 11h-insta trap

Ascension (100 out of 182) 13.5h-spawn (If u go further, there will be bad framerate lag.)

Moon 16h-spawn

Or for 70 cotd

67 (4 rds short)- 12 hrs

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Thanks guys, interesting how the rounds are so much more time consuming since WAW days, where a 100 on SNN took only 3 - 4 hours. Reaching 60 can take five or six hours, but l was afraid it might take at least twelve hours. I might just try conquering one map and see how l feel.

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