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Pros and cons of more video scequences

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I like how u spelled out the format of the ongoing story and process , and if treyarc is listening to us right now everybody wants MORE video sequences!!!maybe if you complete the main Easter egg of a map would be innnsaine. As this storyline has progressed these short 30-60 second videos age given us so much information. I for one without these clips would be lost trying to picture the events in my head , they are great reference when getting lost in the Z . There are endless possibilities , BUT..... The events that have happened are concrete, set in stone (time mechanisms or not) make videos of the events taking place , leave there own separate Easter eggs we won't be able to figure out in those. it's gammers like me who spend just as much time playing as in my head that have built this huge following and a company like treyarc has figured out a whole new form of success in this industry, to listen

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I always thought there was a pretty logical reason for no video sequences. People who want to view them can't, since most random players online will just skip it to play, be it from not caring about the cutscene or just out of accidental button-mashing habit (which I am a victim of).

I would like to have seen a cutscene for Moon, since it was the big climax to Samantha's reign as Demonic Announcer and Richtofen's scheme and all. One for Tranzit would've been nice as well, but really, the setting was a zombie apocalypse. Every map takes place after a zombie disaster, Tranzit was no different, so no need to explain what had caused it to general audience members in a cutscene, and the fans all know why the zombies have taken over. I also would've liked to have been properly introduced to the N4 like with COTD, MOTD, and Origins' cutscenes introducing/reintroducing their crews.

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Yeah, the O4 didn't need video sequences for their epic-ness, the N4 do… Nuff said… 


The one time the O4 get a video intro? Map kicks the storyline right up the argartha… 


LOL I agree completely.  they crushed the storyline with that one into. Maxis getting his head chopped up to rermove his brain kills the oringinal story  in itself!!

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Well it wasn't the intro's fault, it's only one of those voodoo things where having one thing effects different things… 


But yeah, seriously, how many times has maxis died now? 


-mauled to death in the teleporter in der reise, 

- shot in front of the MPD in griffin station,

-extinguished from existence in buried on richtofen's easter egg

- in origins just before the attack via sickness



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