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Possible bank growth

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When my friend and I were playing buried we had an idea.

We went to the bank to store our points, but before we deposited them we set a time bomb. Continuing from there we stored our points then turned back time to when we still had the points, we then deposited them again. I'm not sure whether or not this doubled our points or if it counted the secondary deposit.

I will check when I'm on tommorow. (If it works I will have 10k in the bank, if not I will have 5k)

If this works it will be a kinda OP but easy way to double the points in your bank.

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Smart idea.

Way of getting loads of money stored....

Just chucking this out there, sure its been done, but we were finishing up last night, all deposited our money in the bank for next time, had pack a punch guns, few perks etc, 4 of us, we thought hey it would be funny see how long we can last in this bank, turned out, we were there for like 10 more rounds, piece of P*SS to hold, and we must have banked 50000 at least each. All face against back, 2 shooting the hole, 2x shooting the drop/window. Then if you die, who gives a rats ******************

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