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Greif for die rise!

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If my theory is correct and we get a mini-Dlc drop fallowing the second dlc for black ops 2 there's a chance the mini-Dlc could hold a greif map for die rise, here's how I think it should go down in three different ways:

Game possibility 1:

All players start in the dragon building, the CIA team starts at the top, and the CDC starts at the bottom! While the top may have access to the box, the power can't be turned on until the CDC says so! Also there is one difference to the map: You can access the trample steam room via stone bridge (Like, the one from the Budda room to the lower dragon building, you also can't place Tramplesteams here) The first elevator that would NORMALY hold quick revive will be closed, but the one that holds Speedcola/Who's who will contain pack a punch... But you can't ride it up,it stays above the floor so you can't use it to access the upper levels... It will however move up a floor occasionally, intending to steal your weapon :twisted: !

Once power is on, four perks are avaible: Juggernog, Speed cola, Double tap, and quick revive. No mule kick because it would slow down greif even more with some players having extra guns, no who's who because then there's the possibility of 16 players all running around with clones on the floor... Waaaayyyy too laggy for ANYONE's taste.

Pack a punch will be available at all times in the building near the tramplesteam, behind the sofa, it's elevator never lets you on however...

Speaking of tramplesteams: your gona Love this! Purchasable for 4000 from the tramplesteam bench: Chamillion tramplesteams! Basicly, a CDC member can put one down and it will be avaible for all CDC member's eyes, however the CIA can't see it! One wrong step and CHING your thrown off the side of the building, works on zombies as well.

Nova jumpers will also appear, two per player at a time and 10 for each player for the round...

EMPs will not make an appearance, and neither will galvaknuckles, but Bowie will! Same place as usual! The seliquifier can be bought from the box and will cause all entity's to slide! MUAHAHAHA!

Idea 2:

In this version both teams start off in seperate places: The CDC start off in the bar area, and the CIA starts off at the bottom of the service elevator. The CDC will traverse along the perils of the shafts all the way to the Buddha room, the CDC will also start from their position and make their way from the shaft floor to the ledge looking at the Buddha room, from here they can walk allong a reversed stone bridge to the Buddha room...

The Buddha room is the war zone, as it is both the term of the CIA and the CDC! All players end up here...

There is one weapon in this room on the end of the little hall that you drop Down from (on the floor): The Olympia...

HOWEVER, beforehand, inbetween the Buddha room and the player's spawn there are bits of helpfull utensils:

On one side in the bar we have speed cola and the first box spawn. We also have galvaknuckles and a few wall weapons... On the other side we have Disguised tramplesteams (discussed earlier), Double tap, a few more wall weapons, the second box spawn, and Quick revive. In the actual Buddha room, near the teddybear is juggernog and Semtex. In the area under the ramp to the teddy is the 3rd box spawn! And lastly, At the top of the ledge opposet the teddy, inaccessible by any means other then tramplesteam (as the tunnel between the area has caved in) is Pack a punch!

Map changes: The unused service elevator can be used by a person with a key (found in the shaft spawn) to ride an elevator up to the bar area (don't ask me how) and access the items non-avaible to them before, likewise on the same ledge of the teddybear, but opposet side is a locked tramplesteam (can't be used to kill zombies) that when a key is inserted (from the bar spawn) will launch a player all,the way to the service elevator (there's a hole in the structor allowing this now). Also the entrance from the shaft to the budda room through the circular tunnel is closed off, but the square one on the lower floor is still active.... Players will always respawn in their origional spawn points, and that's that!

Emps will not be included on this map, neither will a power switch, a seliquifier can be bought from a box and used. The boxes by the way will move from area one, to area two, to the Buddha room, and then back again. Tramplesteams are invisiogle to the opposet teammate as stated before, and will cost 4000.

Idea 3:

Total seperation: The CDC will spawn in the bar like before and have access to Speed cola, doubletap, the galvaknuckles, and the box on the way down, however once their in the Buddha room they can not leave without collecting a new drop called: Respawn, in which a player can use to spawn again on the opposet teams turf. The opposet team will spawn on the roof of the dragon building. They can travel where they like and access Bowie juggernog and quick revive, but no tramplesteams. There's no need for tramplesteams here as a player can only rarely interact with the other team, seliquifiers can still be used however...

The roof only has access to the two elevators beside each other now, one containing jug, the other quick revive. There is no stone bridge to access the second building, and there is no way to leave the dragon building...

The respawn drop will cause a player to respawn in a number of ways in enemy territory: here's my ideas for this:

Who's who ghost that can't be knifed can run around and collect the goodies he/she wants but after a bit, will spawn back where they were with whatever they picked up, usefull from grabbing perks and a quick weapon. If they go down, they imediantly teleport back to where they grabbed the drop and go down.

Or the perk leaves a blank red drop somewhere on the opponet's map where they can't see it. If they touch it they're wrapped to where you were, but of you get it first (after getting your essentials) You teleport back to where you were.

And those are my greif ideas for die rise! How do you guys figure?

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Cool ideas, but although I can see the fun behind the chameleon TS, I think it would be an abusable exploit, especially in Grief.

As soon as we had the money, I'd have my whole team buy them and position them around the map to fling the opposing team to their death either off the roof or into the horde. Seems like that would be the simplest and most effective way to win. If you manage to fling just two players off the roof with no chance to be revived, then you can just watch the 2 remaining players train their zombies and have 2 TS to put in their path.

Or you could just save a TS until someone goes down on the opposing team and slap a couple TS down to surround them. No one can revive them because they keep getting flung when they approach. Much more effective than knifing them away. Too abusable, IMO, but still very cool.

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Map itself has grief written everywhere including elevators trample steams and jumps. Meaning you can basically troll anyone to death by blocking them in elevators or placing tramples in wrong spots. Dividing building wont help because the entire map is like shangri la that has rooms with pretty narrow walls except for roof and Buddha room.

Still not bad idea to have grief.

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I agree. Grief would be cool here because it makes it easier to really F the other team without having to worry about surviving.

Does it fit the storyline though? Would any groups like the CDC or CIA have been in China before our N4? Perhaps CIA, since they're international, but the CDC is an American entity...Maybe INTERPOL instead of the CDC, but why would the INTERPOL be involved in a zombie outbreak? Not to mention this would require 3arc creating new player models/skins if they wanted to make Grief remain true to the storyline, otherwise it would just become a "party game" and therefore negate the other Grief maps from the storyline. We have enough holes in the plot, as it is...Dont need more.

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