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Get the crew back to earth!

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Time travel will tell. Was the name of the easteregg on Shangrila.

Meaning that in zombies, Time travel is possible.

This is also seen by the teleporters in black ops 1.

Big Discussion:


The point of the navcards is to link all 5, to make a rocket / teleporter on the moon become active. This will make the story in the next Treyarch Call Of Duty gamw have the original charichters.

Lets see what the navcards will do.

Their will be a total of 5 maps.


-Die Rise

-DLC 2

-DLC 3

-DLC 4

As we have seen the Tranzit NC activates the Die Rise table and tower.

So, this means that the Die rise NC will active DLC 2 navcard table and tower.

And it will keep going around in a circle. Then the final DLC map, will activate Tranzits navcard, to complete the 5 towers, that boom a signal to the moon.

Navcard tables are always placed under the towers. This means it is them that activated the signal. The tables are all the same, which means they do exactly the same thing. This is send a signal to the moon for the Rocket/teleporter to become active.

The guys on the moon, obviously play a big role in this. What are the other voices in Samual's head? Maybe, its the guys on the moon sending a message to him using the same navcard table (You can actually find the navcard table parts around moon, obviously they're not interactive, but you can see them.) As Samual has been eating the flesh, the navcard table would be able to interact with him like richtofen does, as it runs off of 115 through the meteor. The moon can be seen on Die Rise, if you look at the moon with a sniper, you can clearly see it. So it is clearly still their. It looks red, which could mean it has a zombie infestation still, or, the lights are on.

This is all theory. But due to every bit of evidence, it makes sence and comes togeather.

Where the crew will end up once they come back to earth, is anyones guess...


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Actually there could be more then 5 maps... The final dlc could contain more then 1 map... May not be very big, but still a second map... Like nuketown!..

But yes we HAVE to see our favorite crew back in action! Its just gota happen, if not we can rip the foundation of trayarch apart and burn their children! :D

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Actually that's not a bad point, purhaps fixing the spires causes better communication into Samule's head... We didn't hear the "hhhhheeeellllllppppp meeeeeeee" moans in his head until after tranzit.... And after we compleated the first spire... Purhaps in the next map the voices become stronger...

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