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Death Slide glitch at the bottom of the elevator shaft

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Reposting as there are 2 topics i've commented on:

Here are a few things that will keep you safe and minimise your risk on this dodgy map!

People are still dieing when going down the slide to the box or when dropping down to the AN-94. I have noticed that a death in these locations is MUCH MUCH more likely if ANYONE is 3 barring or less. I have never gone down in a good game with 0 lag and a fully stable connection.

Recently I have also noticed in some games serious lag (which you would associate with 2 bars or a unstable connection), even when when all players have a constant, stable, 4 bar connection. This is making me think that the Activision/Treyarch servers or the data speed to their servers may now be under performing... has anyone else thought this?

Here are a few tips on how to avoid glitched downs:

(1) If you have a greatly extended time in the load screen, BACK OUT!

(2) At the start of the game wait 5-10 seconds and if you are seeing low bars and you want to go 20+ rounds then leave.

(3) I find that the risk of death due to lag is much higher if your connection is unstable (going from 3 to 4 bars every few seconds), than if you have a constant 2 bars.

(4) If someone has already had a glitched death in your game, then minimize your times of leaving your spot. Every trip could be your last...

(5) Avoid all jumps/slides when you see people killing large groups of zombies (you will see lots of yellow numbers by their points), as this will cause a natural lag in most games and could put you under the slide or short of your jump. As the rounds get higher this issue becomes a greater risk. Also, remember that when someone is not revived there could be a mass re-spawn of their zombies.

Every player has their way of doing things. Here is my safer game strategy:

(1) Never go down starting room elevator (unless grabbing keys later in the game)! You don't need power on strait away and it creates many opportunities to go down that just aren't necessary.

(2) Stay in the starting room until round 3 or 4, letting zombies in and maximise your points with bullets then a knife kill. If you stay at your windows you dont need the PDW!

(3) Build the Trample Steam before round 5 starts. Use this for the first free perk at round 5-7. In later rounds it is better to run circles around a Trample Steams and make sure you grab fresh ones!

(4) DONT HIT THE BOX! Go down and grab the AN-94. It is the best gun in zombies by far. When its Pack-a-Punched, it will kill more zombies with the amount of ammo you have than any other gun (yes a lot better than an RPD because it doesn't spray and I believe it has higher damage per bullet but I could be wrong.

(5) Before the next Nova Jumper round (10-12) you should have enough points to buy the rest of your 4 main perks in this order (Jugg & Double-Tap first, then Whos-who & Speed Cola). This will mean that you then get your 5th perk early in the game.

(5a) Its still not time for the box! You dont need it yet even if you get mule kick. I wait until I have PAP AN-94 and at least 15000 points so I can just keep hitting the box to get what I want in 1 trip. If you are on the roof with a PAP AN-94 you will not run out of ammo in the early rounds. Also, if you wait until you have more points you can guarantee getting Galva-Knuckles as well in the one trip.

(6) Time to go to the box. If it is in the spawn location DO NOT USE THE SLIDE! Drop down from the Trample Steam room and go to the window that looks at box. Use your Trample Steam to get in the window if you cant master a jump off of the sofa.

(7) No matter where your spot is or your play style, the main things are to just minimise ammo usage (headshots) and try not to go around the map unless you have to. If someone is down in Buddha Room and you are on the roof you will probably not make it in time, so stay alive and spawn them in a good location (they will always spawn with white or the first player that is alive in order).

(8) This is hard when in random games but, try to use Trample Steams to jump from the Trample Steam room to the roof or from the room with the hole that leads down to the AN-94 shaft, over to the roof box location (lower level). This stops deaths when going down to the AN-94.

(8) If you make it to 25+ and you are playing with all 4 players on the roof you will want to start thinking about using a Trample Steam on the slope going up to the tower to save ammo. Also, I use the Sliquifier on the slope directly in front of you and wait 15-20 seconds and you can kill the build up of 10 or 20 zombiies with 1 shot of Sliquifier.

If anyone knows a good thread with Die Rise tactics can you link it for me please and I will copy this last bit over if it isnt covered already. GOOD LUCK!

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