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Achievement How To

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Though many may call it boosting...

Simply have your 3-4 friends ready to go. When you join the Public match for Turned, immediately have them Join your session in progress. If timed correctly you will have 4 players that can cooperate. Just don't kill the human and let them get a kill with each weapon. *The M1911 requires a whole clip into the head without Insta-Kill*

For the I See Live People, have the human player toss a monkey bomb and stay still. Attack the invisible air where they were standing as they threw the Monkey Bomb and DO NOT attack the clone/decoy.

For the Cymbal Monkey, just use Monkey once, then again as the human player.


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I would also like to get these achievements. I don't like the game mode too much but I would like to get these achv. out of the way.

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We had 4 that we're all friends. We tried to do the Join Session thing, but only 3 of made it in time, so we picked up a random for the fourth. Luckily, that random had a mic and we clued him into what we were doing. 2 matches later and everyone of us had all the achievements.

If you need help with this, gather another friend or two and I will help out this weekend. Just msg me on XBL what time you expect to be free this weekend and I'll try to break away from Skyrim leveling to help.

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