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Where are all the clans for grief?

Wang Sue

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This game mode could become really competitive.

I've played the sh*t out of survival and ive only dabbled a little bit into grief but I enjoy it thoroughly. I just havent seen much of a team vs team type playing.. its always just randoms.

Id also be interested in working as a team with 8 players or even 6 ect.

Or am I just missing something?

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I don't know about clans but it would be really cool if somebody organised a competition where teams go up against each other and are eliminated until the last two remain. It could be called Grief Wipe-out. Anybody up for coordinating this project with me?

That sounds like a great idea, i would be love to participate or even help you coordinate it.

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I wish there were incorporated leagues for grief. That would be great because I'm always struggling to find good people to play against that don't quit as soon as the game starts/they go down, and are able to last until at least round 10 (you'd be surprised how many of my games end sooner than that).

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on ps3 the top grief players have each other added. usualy one night out of the week we all gang up in custom games for tournament challenges. some times we play r20 headshots only, or r10 no magic, or r20 no magic headshots only. or just plane ole r20. We no care about downs, just plane ole fun!!!!

Here recently we have had talks about creating a forum on the internet and hosting greif compitions. Also i have had talks with friends from treyarch to implement a tournament system into COD ELITE for Zombies Grief. If everyone inthe Grief community would please tweet Treyarch about Zombies Grief clans and tournaments that would be much appreciated.

So far our only snag is about 10% of the zombies community plays grief regulary. The other 90% havent tried it at all or dont like it/understand it. Why would treyarch put much effort into something only 2,000 people will use? :(

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