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Mind blown theory: Is it all repeating?

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In the cut scene for Die Rise, Stu says something like,"what do you mean Mend the rift?"

As you know, The o4 caused multiple paradoxes and they screwed up the rift or the correct flow of time. I think that whatever was talking to Stu was telling him to fix the flow of time so that everything can go back to normal. In a future DLC, they (lets say) Do what that voice tells them to do and that causes the n4 to fix the flow of time. They stop Kino from happening, "five", CotD, ect.

But Richtofen can still do it. He can still cause the WaW outbreak. From there, that "voice" (or the new 4 or something) gets to Tank, Nikolai, and Takeo and tells them to avert this tragedy and stop Richtofen. Tank, Nikolai, and Takeo go to hunt Richtofen and stop him from causeing the WaW outbreaks.

Richtofen captures them though and brain washes them exactly before Shi No Numa. They cause the rifts in time thus starting Black ops and Black ops 2 and then it starts all over again. So is this just all repeating? If anyone already made this theory, show me proof and I shall apoligize and give you all credit.

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So you're saying that Richtofen wants to repair the time distortion to make everything fall under a single timeline as if he had been ruling the Aether the whole time, somewhat similar to Samantha?

My my, this is a very interesting concept, friendo!

Richtofen stated in Green Run that he wanted to restore the Earth so he could be for him "to plague". We never truly got our heads around how he'd accomplish such a task, but this idea of prevent multiple paradoxes from ever occurring sounds like it will do the trick. The events leading up to the switch of power during Moon (all those maps before it) would have never occurred, since we are technically in the future. In turn, this allows history to be rewritten in the favor of Richtofen. Very plausible idea indeed!

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I thought it was "to play with" *shrug*

I thought that was what he said as well, but either or, he wants the world to himself. What a selfish controller he is. :P

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i think the grand Easter egg for tranzit (when you can finally use the right nav card under the pylon) will be the green run map will go back in time to before the rockets hitting earth. we see pics in the loading screen of how the area used to look pre zombie apocalyspe, the final Easter egg could be turning the map back to that state.

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