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I found 2 more sets of plates in theater mode (video link below)....3 Lion/Tiger plates & 3 Zombie Plates....i believe the tiger/lion plates are directly related to the Richtofen portion of the EE and the Zombie plates are related to the Maxis EE (via the Ressurection is the Key quote from Maxis after shooting the orbs)...Whos who will be necessary for the maxis side while for richtofen im not sure tho it seems it doesnt after spiderbites most recent video....Comment on what you think may need to be done in order to use these plates for the net step!!!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdQovlk_ ... e=youtu.be

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It seems rather interesting, though it's a bit confusing. I'm not talking about your description of it, but the fact that there's so many tiles to consider in Die Rise. I've seen the tiles myself, and it's pretty odd why they'd be there. Even so, I'm fairly certain the lion tiles are for Maxis and the zombie ones for Richtofen. Because they haven't been brought up in the light of most recent steps, it could be one of the finalizing steps to the Side Quests.

I am, unfortunately, siding with Richtofen since I chose his side in Tranzit, so I need to conure that pattern. I'll let you know as well if Inget any reaction to the the lion/zombie tiles. Thank you for posting to find, friendo. :)

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After the wet ball step (I beg my pardon), he Specificly says its time to get some 115 into the spire (radio tower)... My guess is we use the flipper to throw zombies at the thing until something happens! Or purhaps we need to kill zombie's in a specific area..or fire a raygun into the spire a lot... Or go down with (I hate this perk) who's who under the spire.... Maybe you need to kill zombie's under the dragon instead! Idk! Let's find out!

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For the Maxis side you need to grab the balls from the dragons and take them into the big confusing room. Once in there you need to just kill zombies until Maxis says something so maybe you need to do something similar to the radio tower for Richtofen

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Naw Spiderbite tried the tower thing and it didnt work he said...the richtofen side doesnt give you a clue after sliquifying the balls so theres some place you need to go or something you need to buy or do but the richtofen side is at a complete stand still currently

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Can somebody just Sliquify the Obilesk/Navcard table on the roof :\? I honestly believe it's that simple.

seeing as richtofen said he needs a BLOOD sacrifice im sure that sliquifying the NAVCARD table wont do anything bud...you sliquify the orbs and thats all you need to do with it for the time being...need to find the spire and give it a blood sacrifice which i believe is downing yourself with whos who and not reviving your character

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