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Ok so from Oneswords, the other website to play die rise and turned, it appears there is going to be drops in this, so here are some of my ideas, BTW red means their only obtainable by zombies and green is only obtaianble by a human....

Syringe, red: Turns a zombie into a human, starts off the actual gameplay, and there can be more, leading to more humans...

Teddy bear, green: Turns a human back into a zombie, as to equalize the effects of the syringe...

Shotgun, green: Automaticaly switchs to your next gun, (it has been confirmed this IS gun game by IGN and they rarely lie I beleive.,.)

Fire, red: Sets your zombie on fire so when it's killed close enough, the player will die as well... If there is only one human left, all will respawn as zombie's and you will need another syringe...

Syringe: Green : Note this only spawns if there is more then one human... And it can be use to turn a human back to a zombie by knifing him...

Gersh portal: Less of a drop but more of a lucky escape... When touched it will send whoever touched it somewhere else in the map, weather that means escaping a zombie or loosing an attack on a player...

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These are some pretty neat ideas! Although I'm pretty positive only one human at a time is allowed. And even if they are, I doubt a power-up would be able to bridge the gap from human to zombie, as it undermines the actual game mode's main innovative mechanic. The others are very creative though. Imaginary brains.

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