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ZFFS: Orbs & Rays - Observation and Manipulation


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Hello and welcome back ;)


Always continuing the hunt for orbs and still play multiple times a week even if it's just local.  Interesting thing about local, it's been saving my nav card table progress but not my money in the bank.  Used to be able to save money away between games but for some reason it's erased after every game which makes things somewhat frustrating.


Here's my thoughts on the Orbs/Rays for the past couple of months: Avagadro/"him"".  Upon releasing him we get the visual que of little balls of energy floating around.  These little balls have the same characteristics of the energy balls circling around making up the orb's.  This is the only connection we have in the game to what these things might be.  As far as a reaction source I've noticed when you eliminate "him" a large burst of energy erupts and these little balls appear again within a large radius. 


Reasoning leads me to conclude that maybe the character who see's the orb can eliminate "Him" under the orb and possibly cause the orb to be disturbed somehow by the added energy balls being released upon his death, much like we do under the tower to release his energy.



I've tried to think as simple as possible:


What do we know?

  • Orb is made up of little sphere's, only other time this design is used is regarding the lightning creature from power.
  • Orb's only appear after the power is turned on, thus he is released.  Meaning you could only manipulate them after he is in play.
  • Orb's only at Morse Code Locations - This by far I feel is the most -in your face- hint.


Here is the Morse Code Translations and how I would do the endgame if these were hint's to some pattern


1. Help me so I can help you - Release the Avagadro
2. The future is ours to destroy - Go through a round so you can summon him
3. Power is Knowledge - Control the Orb's appearance through knowing what to do
4. Go to the light - Go to where you have made the Orb appear
5. Stay close to me - Summon him and bring him in close to the Orb
6. Energy can only be transformed - Killing him only transforms him to the little Orb's (activating them?)
7. We shall prevail - you just flippin won!



There are some key points.  #6 Energy can only be transformed - to me this is a direct comment for "Him".  I know of no other reference that this would take part in.  #5 Stay close to me - we must be in close proximity for this step, with slaying "Him" there is no other way besides melee.


Ideas? Comments?


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It is so good to see I'm not the only one still in search of new things in Tranzit. My first thing I'm gonna say is you should check out my thread.


It's all about new Tranzit findings. Lots of good stuff and ideas in there.

Anyways. Great post. And Similar orbs appear when you kill denizens. Not exactly the same but they do look similar.

And if you'd ask me, I'd say the morse code translations are only talking about Tower of Babble. Nothing new. However anything is possible.

Assuming you're on xbox, If you ever want a hunting partner, I would love to help out. Just lemme know.

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Beating the Dead Horse



Been doing some experimenting with a new account lately.  Most interesting results always tend to be the lack of results for me (ongoing theme lol).  Been purposely trying to create orbs etc through this new account which has no ee's done or nav cards etc etc.  Always getting absolutely 0 results.


Long story short after a month I was happy to see no discoveries or orbs (as weird as that sounds).  So for the past week I have been messing with the ee's and other players hosting who have the different sides done.  No orb's to speak of besides a few seeing box orbs but luckily lots of ray action.


Once again only saw blue rays with rich tower and red rays with maxis tower.  Probably will start messing around with ray locations soon involving turbines and EMP gernades like you would do for the ee's to create the lamppost orbs.  Might be a mute point though without there actually being orbs activated in there spot from the get go.



On the longer path:


Decided I need to redo the main post.  I will keep the post of course but collapse it into a spoiler for those who want the full read.  I've noticed a trend recently in the topics I've read that there is less content and more just posting a few pics and a few lines.  Worth a shot to see if this is easier for the masses to absorb. 


Tempted to start fresh with a new topic post so theres not 3 pages of responses to go through for those who get overwhelmed but that does seem a little insulting to those who have posted on this topic we are in now.  My main point I'm trying to get across though is no one person can do this, sure one person can crack a clue but to actually get anything done you will probably need 4 people.  The more people I can interest in this and expose to then the better off we are as a community.


Any comments or suggestions?  Does starting a new topic fresh with a different look sound good or just redo the main post here with something more flashy?




Sorry if this seems less like an actual progress update then just a bloggish post.  Always still interested and continue messing around but in truth its a stumper.  I can guess anything really but anyone else's idea may be closer to the mark, really no way of telling until hindsight kicks in. 


I think what bugs me the most is that I feel there are clues out there.  Something staring me in the face, so I keep trying to think simple and look at all the details but the more I pull back to look at it all, the more there is to look at lol.

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