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It's All inside His Head

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It's so clear now i can't believe i never noticed it before all the events after Richtofens Grand Scheme are happening inside his head and richtofen entering the chamber think about it the songs the nuketown zombies easter egg it's a mix between samantha and richtofens mind this tranzit when richtofen took control samantha still has an imprint of her mind in the pyramid so they merged into this fake world i'll explain step by step how i came to think up this hypothesis.

Nuketown Zombies- is him struggling to fight for control of the zombies eventually he wins loses that's why the zombies eye's change color Richthofen takes control of them psychologically otherwise it doesn't make sense for Samantha controlling the zombies in the beginning of nuketown zombies as she's already ejected from the pyramid.

The new characters each represent one Richtofens diffrent characteristics

One of them has a sadistic side just like richtofen who hungers for flesh

One of them is the nerd who is intelligent just like richtofen

Need i go on ?

The denizens of the forest represent samanthas lost innocence it's why they resemble babies .

The electric guy is samanthas hatred of electricity manifesting itself as an enemy think about it everything wrong with her life began with electricity from the teleporters when fluffy turned into a hellhound.

The more i think about it the more it makes sense it's also why theirs no mention of the other main characters maybe their going back in time to before the accident in moon with the teleporters maybe the new chinese map der rise is actually in the present with the four main characters trying to prevent moon ?

The real villain is actually the Vrill who used to control Samantha now he's slowly controlling richtofen just listen to the lyrics for tranzits new song


it's richtofen fighting for control of the zombies

it also explains tombstone soda never before has something this unrealistic happened in zombie all the other perks had explanations but this is bringing back the dead how could it happen it's not real !!!

well this concludes my theory it may be wrong but it's plausible anyway feel free to add to it and i welcome any feedback thanks :)

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The way I see it, because the transmissions from the TVs in Nuketown Zombies are identical to the quotes that Richthofen says while you are doing the Easter egg on Moon, Nuketown takes place at the same time as moon. The change from Samantha zombies to Richthofen zombies would be the time when Richthofen swaps bodies with Samantha and takes control of the zombies.

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