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Live-Action Perk-a-Cola Commecrials in Production (Fan-Made)

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Hey everybody! MrMcKonz here!

I freaking LOVE nazi zombies. And I thought it would be cool if I made retro style commercials for the perks.

I don't know if I'll do ALL of them though, that depends on how popular they get.

If my first commercial, which will be Juggernog by the way, gets 500+ likes, I will make quick revive, speed cola, and double tap. If those get enough likes, I'll make the rest (not including tombstone, though I will make one when all of the DLC's for Black Ops 2 come out, so I can release any future perks collectively.)

Here are some teasers for the videos. I made these from scratch, with inadvertant help from youtuber "codwillpwn" for making the perk 'emblems'.

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that actually looks pretty sick so when are you going to upload it :D

I've finished casting, and I'm aiming to start shooting next week. I'll have it edited and uploaded by late January!

The only thing I need is a prop Juggernog. Apparently Strawberry Lime flavored Jones Soda is IMPOSSIBLE to find in my area.

If you want more updates, follow me on twitter!


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You should check out AlphaSnakes Perk thread. it may help you out heaps if your actually going to replicate the perks.


Everything you need to know is in there.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I've got the perks covered. I'm going to use Jones brand Soda and replace the existing sticker with a custom one that I'm having a friend make. Its cool to use jones soda because it actually is soda and not just some colored water. It also had a colored cap, so, yeah. Thanks anyway!

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Nice touch on the video quality, seems like it will reflect the 50's era inspirational videos :)

Glad you noticed that!

The first four I'm aiming to have a 50's look, the next four to have a 70's look, and the next four (I'm assuming there will be three more after tombstone) will be 90's. Not exactly cannon in terms of the Zombie storyline, but those are the looks I'm aming for.

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Well if you ever get to the 90's, remember the drink Surge? Look up some of those commerials, they are pretty 90s.

I don't know why, but I want to see a little kid drink one from the 50s. I see a denis the menace style kid with a bottle of double tap :lol:

Thanks! I'll keep that in mind!

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