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Say hello to 935 & 601 again!

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So, after i bought BlOps2 i came back to this forum, i checked were there anything new in my topics, i roll'd down the page and hit my "935 & 601" topic. Something did click in my brain. Suddenly i linked these little pieces one-by-one to WaW, BlOps and BlOps2.

Link to "935 & 601"

First off, this picture was first that hit my eye:

I left from computer and started to think this, then i was too lazy to turn computer on so i did sketch the picture and point thing out from there:

I will start explaining with quote from Alpha:

...Also those broadcast towers looks like mind control equipment.

Still interesting to read about, who knows maybe there is a lot more we missed.

Regards Alpha.

I think Alpha was right. and because there is two towers, i guess next EE will be like in TranZit. Another quote from Faust:

If you guys keep asking around long enough, Group 601 might just be hiring.

Here comes the question. Was 601 before, or after 935? My first thought was that it was before, and they failed doing this teleportation thing, group was sweep out, and 935 was put up. But now that i think about it, we have been jumping between future and past. NDU suddenly is in america etc. ANYTHING could happen.

Phases: So in this picture there were text. Translated to english there stood: Phase two, and, Strength through order. So to the Phases:

Phase one:?

Phase two: Nuke earth with 115 and gain control of zombies (dunno why).

What i think the phase one is: gain information about 115.

Also the quote: Strength through order, is straight reference to mindcontrol.

Teleporters: also i did count the fingers! 5. then i thought about why they are teleporters? 1-3.Der riese 4.Kino 5.Moon also the moon one is more far away from others, and the atom is in the middle. No idea what that means... just wanted to point it out :)

One question: What that NZR means? tell me! i wanna know...

Ps. This wasn't all I'll be adding some stuff

pss. tell me what you think

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You've certainly put a lot of time and effort into this. It's certainly a plausible theory I will say that for sure. Whether you are correct or not I cannot say but good work nonetheless.


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Umm.. exactly i did get all this in 30 mins xD but thanks :)

(ja kiitti :D )

edit: (or maybe this all has been growing in my head all the time from when i discovered 601 to now :D )

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The two towers on the left and right remind me of "Tower of Babble" (Richtofen / Maxis, each issuing commands) and the nuke in the middle reminds me of nuketown, just an interesting thought.

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You're missing the teleported in the COTD, which our O4 use to get to the Shangri-La. But that's a wünderbar reference anyway!

And yes, your theory is about right, if my and other's predictions will be true... But we'll have to wait for somebody/something to conclude the TranZit EE.

Maybe DLC...

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YES! i knew i forgot one teleport, but didn't know which one. but remember, it was not ready for use yet, they did need all from Fuses to Vodka to make it work :)

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YES! i knew i forgot one teleport, but didn't know which one. but remember, it was not ready for use yet, they did need all from Fuses to Vodka to make it work :)

Hmmm...true, but if it was partly built, then someone had to have the plans and order to build it for somebody, right? Someone had to know...

And, about the Moon teleporter... Do you think anyone else besides the Griffin Station crew and Americans later on knew about it? I mean, Maxis did not know about it... How would 601 know? (Sorry I'm not too familiar with 601 yet, so if they do know could you please explain...?)

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again 601 may not exist yet, they could have been found in future by mistake. so 601 MAY have known that there is teleporter in moon, since there is changes to der riese when 601 is there (see my "935 & 601"). Zombie killers, there may be 3rd Der Riese waiting for us.

Edit: corrected misspelling

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