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No Zombie map after Campaign

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Treyarch basically gave us two zombie maps to play, TranZit and Nuketown. They put enough time into those, and most will have them by the time December rolls around, that having a third map likely was foolish to them. Generally, or at least with Black Ops, they only release two on-disc maps, so I didn't necessarily expect them to have another one to unlock.

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True. But that's how zombies came to be. Beat campaign in WaW then play Nacht. Beat campaign in Blops then play FIVE. Now I would've liked to have beat the campaign in Blops 2 and have some sort of fun map thrown in with A7X as the playable characters after they finished performing.

Now that would be awesome. Maybe have all the other characters at the performance running around in terror with zombies chasing them as an EE :lol:

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I so thought that it would unlock the purple-ish area in the world map for zombies (bottom left), also the cornfield w the crop circles looks unlockable as well.

I thought they might unlock these as some additional DLC sometime alongside the MP maps and a new zombie one.

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