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5 and Perfect's Fastest Tactics: Call of the Dead

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5 and Perfect’s Fastest Tactics: Call of the Dead

What’s up guys! It’s perfectlemonade bringing you the first written edition of Fastest Tactics, a series developed by 5and5 that will innovate and revolutionize how co op high rounds are played by the masses, by us, the community. This series will open eyes to everyone on Youtube and also Codz to make high rounds, however much of a monotonous, redundant bore they are, as painless and enjoyable as possible.

So, without further ado, I present to you part one of nine of our Fastest Tactics guides!

Part One: General Overview

The Area

Make sure you keep the door from Flopper to the lighthouse as well as the door from the lighthouse to the beach closed, because you will be running the second floor of the lighthouse for the entirety of the game. Why? Because this is the only safe area on the map in which spawns are consistently fast, due to every zombie on the map spawns from windows rather than the ground. And any No Man’s Land player will certainly know that ground spawners, or ‘grounders’, are so inconsistent it’s not even funny. Sometimes they burst out of the ground like a freaking demon worm from Hell, and sometimes they’ll just take their sweet ass time crawling out. Point is, they’re not good when you’re talking about speed. So you want window spawners only.

Thus, we come to the second floor of the lighthouse. It’s truly a magnificent area. It’s fairly open, pretty easy to keep a consistent, tight group, and it’s the fastest spot on the map. What’s not to love about it?

How You Want to Run It

So a now we know that the lighthouse is the fastest spot on the map to run a train. But how will you and your teammate be running it? Well, it’s quite simple really. As shown in the video, you will be relying a lot on player colors and the attraction zombies have to white players over blue players.

The white player will be behind the blue player so he will have the most zombies. The blue player will be dodging the ones coming from the windows and keeping ahead of the white player to make his job as possible. If the white player gets trapped and goes down, it will be the blue player’s duty to revive him in as timely a fashion as possible.

Once the white player has a majority of the zombies, kill them off. And that transitions pretty well into my next point…

Killing Efficiently

Before round 30, this should be with Ray Guns, Mustang and Sally’s, or a Scavenger (thus, Mule Kick will be needed). Be sure to not become an ‘ammo whore’ and start waiting for entire hordes to conserve ammo. At this point, you will be getting ammo from George Past that, when you start noticing the need for the VR-11. This is your best friend on co op. Shooting your teammate with the VR11 Lazarus will cause that player to gain Insta Kill capabilities for about fifteen seconds, meaning killing an entire horde with just one explosive round from an explosive weapon is, in fact, possible and quite easy. I know I’m going off on a tangent here, but I think everyone would agree with me when I say that the idea of requiring two weapons to work and function in this symbiosis that Treyarch has conceived is truly brilliant. Sorry, just HAD to say that. ;)

Okay, so once you start getting up to where ammo starts to be a cause of worry (probably the mid-30’s), you’ll want to use your Scavenger ammo more wisely. This will entitle shooting a Scavenger bolt and ‘cleaning up’ with your Ray Gun or M&S, rather than using two shots on with your Scavenger.

But why do we do this? Why not just shoot your teammate with the VR11 and kill them all instantly and quickly. Well, for one, VR11 ammo is infinitely more vital to you than Scavenger ammo, and you don’t want to be using a single shot unless you really need to. Furthermore, once you do get that Max Ammo, your remaining VR11 can be used up to give your teammate up to four and a half minutes of Insta Kill, sinceVR11 shots are stacked on top of each other. Think of the damage you could cause with that! You can clear an entire round with four and a half minutes of Insta Kill!

This will also free up more shots to kill George with, and with that Wunderwaffe, it makes rounds go by so much quicker as well as save ammo in the later rounds. Because, as much as you waste ammo in the early rounds on Call of the Dead, past 35 or so ammo starts to become a premium. Why is this? Just take a look at the ammo count. You can only kill 24 hordes with a Pack a Punched VR11 (compared to 42 with a Thundergun/Zeus Cannon and 78 with a JGB/Fractalizer). With this in mind, you’ll be having to recycle again and again and again even with the George Max Ammo trick.

And thus, this all comes back to making the most out of your ammo. There is not a map in Black Ops in which ammo is harder to come by than Call of the Dead. On Shangri La, you have a Wunder Weapon with a ridiculous amount of shots. On Moon, you have the Hacker. And on every map before Call of the Dead, you have traps. So this map really makes you scrape for killing power and be extremely wise and methodical with your killing. Be it giving your partner four minutes of Insta Kill or using the Wunder Waffe to its greatest potential (in the later rounds, at least), you need to appreciate your ammo and never take it for granted, or you may be left with increased box recycling, which can make your already hours long game into a ridiculously long marathon of seemingly endless redundancy.

Also, now would be a good time to mention that, even with George dead, there can be only 23 zombies on the map at one time. So don’t fret when you can’t kill off an entire horde


As already mentioned, George is a monumental part of this map. Not only are there perks and a Wunderwaffe to give you, but the Max Ammo trick can really help speed up rounds by sparing you of losing a hundred thousand points to the box. But, I’m far too lazy to rewrite a whole section on George so I’ll leave you guys with my George section I’ve already got from my Round 60 Solo guide from a couple weeks back, adjusted for co op, of course.

Eliminating Getting Shocked

You know the crazy lightning that stuns you when George does the hammer ground pound? Yeah, it's a real pain in the ass. But there's a way to prevent that! I'm not entirely sure if this is a glitch, but I'm pretty sure it's not, because just about everyone does it. Anyways, all you need to do is knife either George or an electrified zombie on Insta Kill. That's it. Your character will become shocked and George's ground pound will no longer affect you, making it possible for you to kite while he's pissed.

The Wunderwaffe

George offers a ton of help on Call of the Dead runs. Like I've already said, George drops a Wunderwaffe, packed with the potential to kill 180 zombies, when you kill him. A Wunderwaffe and maybe a dozen or so VR11 shots will get you through round 60. The Wunderwaffe will probably cut the time it takes to finish round 60 by a third. Why? You don’t need to wait for an entire 23. You just need 10. You can spam that bad boy and you’ll never need to worry about ammo, because you have your VR11 waiting for you when you run out. It really makes the game so much easier.


George also drops a random perk bottle when you kill him. It will take you about 8 rounds to get all of the perks, but when you do, it's so worth it. Double Tap, Mule Kick, and Speed Cola are all pretty vital to killing power, especially earlier on, when you’ll be using up a lot of Ray Gun ammo. Even Deadshot can make aiming with the Scavenger a lot easier and with less misses (you know you’ve done it before!). Without George, you'd just be stuck with your 4 perks, so it's a welcome relief when he shows up!

Getting Max Ammos

This is pretty much common knowledge, but no guide to Call of the Dead is complete without mentioning the Max Ammo trick. So, basically, what you do piss off George so that he ground pounds all the zombies around him. Once the horde is electrified, kill them with your VR11/explosion. A Max Ammo will drop 100% of the time, as long as it has been 4 rounds since the last time you've done it. This is, essentially, a replacement for dogs.

And that is, essentially, all the background you need. Now it’s time to get down to business.

Part Two: Round By Round Guide

So I’ve already done a round by round guide for this map, but that was solo and for a different strategy. This is way different and is certainly needed to really add another element to this thread. Here we go!

Round One: Knife only. I usually throw my grenades and George when he spawns because, let’s be honest, has anyone ever needed two grenades on round one? Thought so. But that’s personal preference…

Round Two: Shoot eight times and knife. Simple enough.

Round Three: If you get an Insta Kill or Max Ammo, you should be able to finish off the round easy enough in the spawn. If not, don’t be afraid to buy the boat to the power and grab an MPL. Shoot twice then knife. Open up the debris to the top of the boat.

Round Four: Lure George back to the pool at spawn and camp with your MPL at the top of the ship. One person should watch the window while the other covers the stairs. Be sure to keep the power door closed.

Round Five: Continue camping, luring George down the zipline if need be.

Round Six: Finish the round and open up the power and Jugg. Just remember, at all costs, to keep the Flopper door as well as the 74u door closed. Head back to the ship, grabbing more MPL ammo (or an M16, if you want to).

Rounds Seven-Nine: Keep on doing your thing. I feel that it’s best to head to a safer area than the ship (lighthouse or 74u) on round seven, but some will probably think it’s best to continue camping. It’s up to you. Just be sure to have enough for Flopper and PaP, as you’ll be wanting Mustang and Sally ASAP.

Rounds Ten-Twenty: Since this is a speed run, you’ll be wanting to get those Wunder Weapons ASAP. You will need in this order:

-Mule Kick

-VR11 and 5k for PaP


-Two Ray Guns

-Quick Revive

You’ll also want to kill George to max out your perks. I’d suggest taking the Wunder Waffe, but since you don’t need to worry about ammo this early on, it’s not a big deal either way. Just remember to not wait for a whole twenty-three; ten will do just fine!

Rounds Twenty-Thirty-five: Just go to town. Don’t be afraid to waste a few shots, especially if George is around. It’s just more damage to him, and more damage = one step closer to a Wunderwaffe. You should really fly through these rounds. Keep the Max Ammo trick in mind as well as remembering to spam your partner with the VR11 every time you get ammo. You can really do some damage with four and a half minutes of Insta Kill goodness!

Rounds Thirty-six-Forty: As Riley mentioned in the video, spawns can get pretty weird in the lighthouse in these rounds. Just be sure to keep safe and remember to let the white player do a majority of the dirty work, as he will be most attractive to zombies. Play for speed, but don’t be reckless. That’s the best tip I can give you for surviving these rounds in the lighthouse. Also keep in mind the Hyena shot and clean up method instead of straight up killing them with the VR11.

Rounds Forty-One-Endgame: If you’ve made it that far, congratulations! This is higher than I have been on this map co op (damned connection). Continue your strategy, the blue player leading the white player as he weaves around zombies, letting the white player take them all. Get some space between the zombies and shoot with the Lazarus then shoot an Anarchy shot, Mustang and Sally shot, Hyena bolt, what have you. Just be sure you get the job done. Don’t be afraid to knife a zombie or two coming out of the window while you’re still Insta Kill. Those can add up after hundreds of hordes.

And as for recycling midround, just have one of the players take all the zombies while the other player hits the box. Simple as that! You shouldn’t have much problems with points unless you have seriously horrible luck with the box, and on the off chance that you do, feel free to grab a 74u or something and make some points back. :)

Okay, I think that’s about it for now! Thanks for reading and I’ll be seeing you guys soon for another edition of Fastest Tactics. Later!


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Top Posters In This Topic

Nice guide dude, why the 2nd floor of the lighthouse, i was playing last night on the bottom floor with the door to the ak shut. Had scavenger, way gun and HK. (ended up dying after getting caught on the stairs :(

Also what you mean the flopper door, do you mean from flopper to the AK, or flopper to inside the lighthouse.

And last thing are you saying that both players should chill together? I always find things to get messy if players hunt in packs.

Sorry for some of these questions, I'm at work and unable to check your videos yet.

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I will try and answer since I played with both players before and we share the similar ideas, specially 5and5 :)

Nice guide dude, why the 2nd floor of the lighthouse, i was playing last night on the bottom floor with the door to the ak shut. Had scavenger, way gun and HK. (ended up dying after getting caught on the stairs :(

Lots of room to run for both players and easy escape to jugg using zipline if a player goes down.

Also what you mean the flopper door, do you mean from flopper to the AK, or flopper to inside the lighthouse.

"Make sure you keep the door from Flopper to the lighthouse as well as the door from the lighthouse to the beach closed, because you will be running the second floor of the lighthouse for the entirety of the game. "

And last thing are you saying that both players should chill together? I always find things to get messy if players hunt in packs.

As long as you follow the color codes you will be okay. White player attracts the zombies so that's the Key :) other player should be safe player at all times and if possible must carry a crossbow and monkeys.

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