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Where do we go next after moon?: a small explanation

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Ok so lets start off at the easter egg:

So Richtofen the evil mad scientist guy switches bodies with Samantha, making Richtofen the "Ruler or something.." of the zombies. So, now whenever you get a power up (Max ammo, Insta-Kill, Deathmachine etc.) you hear richtofen say it. Also the zombies eyes become blue.

So Samantha wants revenge for switching bodies and killing/making him dissappear :lol: right after the 3 rockets go to earth. Then, Takeo the annoying guy gets his memory back and wants revenge and wants to destroy 115 or something.

Now, if you teleport back to area 51, you can see that your off of earth so AREA 51 either got blown off earth or AREA 51 was never on earth..

Also, the next map might go to a another part of the moon...

so, on the loading screen of Moon, you see three unknown peeps walking across this ditch or something which is most likely to be that thingy by Tunnel 11 and near the coputers for samantha says.

So if you keep on following it, it'll lead to a crater named "TACITUS," which is the "Weapons Manufacturer" for BLOPS II.... Also, confirmed zombie characters are:

1. JFK

2. Nixon

3.?Castro? ( I'm pretty sure)

4.Samantha ( in A new body, seen on the poster)

4.Takeo (because he wants revenge



and finally about that unknown woman on the BLOPS II poster might be Samanatha because she probs found a new Body....

Its most likely they'll find a way to get to the ditch to the crater, teleporting off. If they get on earth, samantha probably switched bodies with the lady on the zombies poster. i think they'll just go around teleporting around the world fighting zombies...

Thats Mah Theory and correct me if i did anything wrong (I'm a new player) :P

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My idea is that the zombie crew of tank, Nikolai, takeo, and Sam in richtofens body will head back to earth in a town destroyed by the explosion, Probobly in Cuba, there they will meet up With 4 other charracters, one of which is a girl,(poster) the others are likely "five" characters, Cotd characters, or hell, Mabie even some more new ones, heck perhaps the woman in the poster is actually Sara Michelle gellar from cotd with a hat on... But that's a long shot...

Why they're there Sam and Nikolai will find the Harrp (which Totaly exist if you happen to have found the paper in shi no Numa) and the easter egg will commence, (if there is one) and Sam will slowly peice back togeather the Harrp and start it up and almost achieve her goal of switching souls with richtofen again, but once again fails....

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