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Possible Verruckt Easter Egg?

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I disagree. I think something is there. We are missing something, It's just not obvious like the Shangri-la EE and the moon EE. There could be a clue in a window or doorway maybe even on a pole or something! Like the dentist's chair in the juggernog spawn room. A hand is there! Maybe we have to find hidden body parts? Search I bet you will find something!

If you go into a situation, whether it be zombies or anything else, and solely go into it expecting to find evidence of something extraordinary and/or interesting, it will be much harder for you to be objective when you finally find this evidence. It will be more likely that you will make something out of nothing.

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Has anyone figured out what it is on the knife? This is still my fav BO1 map, would like to know all I can find out bout it

I have yet to find anything on the Internet where someone states what the knife writing is, unfortunately. I too would love to know.

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Just something I saw, the compass looking thing that the foot is stepping on could be one of those atom symbols, like its a metaphor for standing on them? Also the word schnell in German means quick or fast. I dont know if this means anything I just thought you guys would be interested by it.

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