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Limbo (New Map Idea)

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As we all know, the zombies game mode is moving to the multiplayer engine, allowing for more zombies and more players. I have an idea for a map that would allow the new characters their introduction, without leaving out the original crew. My ideas are as follows:

Limbo:Sometime between Moon and 2025, our new crew stumbles across an old teleporter marked "Failed". One of the characters thinks they fixed it and the crew sets off in search of the truth. What they find will be beyond their Darkest nightmares.

Map Size:Medium/Small

Overall Appearance: This map will appear to be nowhere with nothing around except sand bags surrounding the map. No walls that you can see. Picture walking around in a dream. Complete blackness, yet you can see. A grey misty fog rolls along the floor adding to the feel of a hellish nightmare. Upon looking up you would see zombie souls that have been trapped here for ages.

Boss Zombie:This zombie will be like no other zombie you have seen before, and at the same time, it will be exactly like every zombie you have seen before. I'll explain.

Soul-keeper Zombie:This zombie will be similar to the tubes on the moon, in the sense that it will absorb zombie souls as you kill zombies around it. As you kill more and more zombies around it, it grows in size. It will start as a short zombie walking on all fours. It will end as a Juggernaut sized zombie, running on two legs. As you shoot the Soul-keeper Zombie more and more, it grows in speed.It will start as slow as a medium speed crawler. It will end as fast as a sprinter. Once enough souls have been absorbed the zombie will glow bright red and explode with souls flying into the air, and killing off any remaining zombies.

Perks:This map will only include Jugg and Quick Revive, or will it?....only time will tell.

Explosives:Clay-more and semtex will be located on signs.

Map Explanation:This map will only have one room....or will it? The room will be decent in size and little to no debris to block your path. No guns will be on the walls, as there are no walls. And no, no guns any signs either. The box will include the next gen Black Ops guns.

Original Characters Egg Briefing: This easter egg will be like no other you have heard of before. Being as we're stuckin limbo, the only access we have with the outside world is through thoughts. The steps will be spoken through thoughts or dreams of the previous characters. It will be based off things we can confirm about the heroes we all love. Tank loves fire-power. Takeo has a katana, so I assume he likes melee weapons. Nikolai loves drinking, and Sam is an expert on zombies and controlling environments.

The egg will start after the song for this map is finished. (activating 115 meteors) Once the song is over, the player will notice the meteors are now glowing the player colors:White,Yellow,Green, and Blue.

Pressing the corrisponding characters meteor will trigger that step, resulting in dialogue from Tank, Takeo, Nikolai, or Sam. (depending on which color you choose) Each of the original crew members have their own challenge they will test the new characters with, resulting in four different types of prize.

Tank: In this challenge, Tank wants to make sure you're ready for what you're in for, so he challenges you in a test of accuracy. A bar shows up on the screen at the beginning of the next round, labeled "Headshots". 100% of the bar is equal to all the zombies on that given round. You must fill at least 80% of the bar in order to finish this egg. At which time, Tank will reward you with a PaP machine which spawns in the middle of the room.

Takeo: In this challenge, Takeo will test your reflexes in knifing. This challenge will also include a bar labeled "Knife Kills", but will not use percentage and will instead use total kills. The total kills needed to fill this bar, surpass the number of zombies in a round. Once you complete this task, Takeo rewards you with a Tomahawk that will replace your knife and is 1 hit kill until round 15. (115) It's not a constant "lunge", more of a swing at head level.

Sam:This is where the fun begins.. 8-) Samantha doesn't believe you can handle the forces of the undead and says she can prove it. The round timer disapears and a 5 minute timer starts. Waves and waves of Hellhounds and Nova-six crawlers (normal novas) begin to spawn in ridiculous numbers. Survivng this round will seperate a segment of the sandbags surrounding the map. This leads to an extra room of equal size, with a small staircase leading to a platform. On the platform will be a "Wave Gun Power-up". (death machine looking power up with the bullets; this gives you wave gun permanently)

Nikolai:As I said, Fun. Nikolai, being the drunk that he is, would like to see how well you know your perks, and their benefits. This challenge will be similar to the "Specialist Strike Package" on MW3. Jugg and QR will be looked over, as I don't know a way to make a challenge for them. All of the perks will have their own unique challenge with it's own bar to fill. You can imagine what I mean.

So what do you think?

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I think that this would be WAY too confusing and hard for other players i mean maybe if it eventually teleported them to some other part of the map where something is at least tangible. I know most people would start playing it and just think ...what? Its not like nacht which is just small and protected, it just seems like theres no limits, no real goals and no fun except surviving in something you can barely even see, sorry dude

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