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Zombies Story Mode IDEA

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Zombies Campaign

For this you play in 30 maps only found in campaign. In each map you go there to wipe out all the zombies in towns(theory that the zombies spread across the other side of the world). You have to survive until help comes and bring you to an other town to save. (You could also be required to protect surviving citizens.)

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This is what I want...I don't want regular zombies with 8 people that's bad, just a separate different mode.

No versus mode. This game revolves around co-op. All this talk about new game modes makes it sound less and less like zombies.

My thought on that is that Infected (still in the multiplayer lobby) could have zombies as the model for the infected and they just hit with their hands to infect.
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I also don't like the idea of versus play. Unless it's two human teams of four, something for zombie kills. Then MAYBE.

Also, isn't 30 zombie campaign maps a bit much? That's a lot of content for one game mode.

EDIT: although I do like the idea of clearing areas of zombies. That could be fun.

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