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Dragon Lady


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Definition of "Dragon Lady":

An American slang for Asian women among the powerful, deceitful, mysterious type

Lockheed U-2 TR-1 Spy Plane

nicknamed: "Dragon Lady"

The U-2 "Dragon Lady" is a single-jet engine, high-altitude reconnaissance spy plane. It was originally in use by the CIA, and has since been reissued by the United States Air Force and NASA. It is still in use today.

The first recorded flight occurred at the Groom Lake test site (Area 51), on August 1, 1955.

The U-2 first came to public attention when CIA pilot Gary Powers was shot down while flying a mission over Soviet territory, on May 1st 1960. This historical event is referred to as, the U-2 incident.

On October 14th 1962, a U-2 piloted by Major Richard S Heyser, photographed Soviet military personnel installing nuclear warhead missiles in Cuba. This event sparked the Cuban Missile Crisis.

On October 27th 1962, a U-2 piloted by Major Rudolf Anderson, was shot down over Cuba, by surface-to-air (SAM) missiles. Major Rudolf Anderson was killed by the attack. I can't describe to you how incredibly hot tensions between the US and Cuba got at this point during the Cuban Missile Crisis. This was as close as we've ever gotten to engaging in full-scale nuclear war. Thankfully President Kennedy's wisdom and diplomacy saved us all from allowing this event to snowball into Armageddon.

The CIA continued to perform U-2 reconnaissance flights over Cuba into the 1970s under the code name OLYMPIC FIRE

There have been several other missions "Dragon Lady" has been deployed on as well. A reoccurring theme among missions involving the U-2 include spying on the nuclear capabilities of foreign nations.

(Shot down engine of a U-2 plane (1962) on public display at museum in Havana, Cuba)

Lockheed's promotional video for the U-2 and TR-1


U-2 & TR-1 Spy Planes: "Dragon Lady" US Air Force Reconnaissance Pilot Recruiting Film



This two part training video is oozing with propaganda from the era

This is the logo for the "Dragon Lady"

You can buy t-shirts, patches, etc with this logo from the Museum of Aviation Online Gift Shop

More information about the Lockheed U-2 TR-1 "Dragon Lady" can be found here:


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Excellent finds here Mix.

To add to this stuff I noticed that many of the terminal documents ended with 'BYEMAN TALENT KEYHOLE CONTROL SYSTEMS JOINTLY' which is found on the bottom of documents with data on or recovered from Blackbirds, which was the nickname for the stealth planes the U2 or SR71.

Also, I noticed that with the whole dragon thing, ties back into all of that stuff about satan = the serpent.

As well as the dragon's at Shangri La we see like on the shrink ray.

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Excellent finds here Mix.

To add to this stuff I noticed that many of the terminal documents ended with 'BYEMAN TALENT KEYHOLE CONTROL SYSTEMS JOINTLY' which is found on the bottom of documents with data on or recovered from Blackbirds, which was the nickname for the stealth planes the U2 or SR71.

Also, I noticed that with the whole dragon thing, ties back into all of that stuff about satan = the serpent.

As well as the dragon's at Shangri La we see like on the shrink ray.

I wonder if its reptilians that are a recurring theme in Zombies or TOP SECRET PLANES are.

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I'll spell it out clearly. This is blantant Illuminati imagery here.

There's a whole lot of serpent worshipping in occultism.

And this logo tells you straight up, Big Brother is watching you.

Make no mistake about it, this spy plane is a tool of the Illuminati to establish their New World Order.

I'm not sure if there is any link to the emerald green color between this dragon and the naga on the jGB. My only guess is that it may be a nod to the Emerald Tablet of Hermes which contains thee secrets of alchemy on it. But I'll fully admit, that last bit is a wild guess on my part.

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Good job, but this is old news, and one of the first discoveries we made on GKnova6. I understand that the repeat may be on account of our malfunctioning search bar. Hopefully we can fix that soon. :I

Call my work 'old news'! I find your posts rude, elitist, and I am offended by it. :evil:

Linking the "Dragon Lady" to the U-2 spy plane might be 'old news'. However the information that I have presented here is much deeper than any other reports on the subject thus far on CoDz. I'm presenting the forum new material that is relevant and insightful. This is an obscure piece of GK evidence that has been much overlooked.

Here is the only other thread we have dedicated to the "Dragon Lady" that I know of. It doesn't cover any of the same material I do:


Seeing how I am the only one who does GKNova6 research anymore, I'd recommend you not discourage me from doing my work here. No one complained when I made a GK Vitruvian Man thread, and there's like a dozen of those. So why are you getting on my case now about a dedicated Dragon Lady thread?

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Chill broski, I am trying to be fair here.

We don't have an entire thread dedicated to the U2 maybe, but a heavy amount of it was implied knowledge. Given that on the dead drop discoveries we all quickly familiarized ourselves on the U2, we felt no need to post further on it. Given the black ops contract "Dragon Lady" I had assumed that the U2 program was common knowledge. Clearly I was wrong however based on the number of users that seem to not be awair of it.

I have no issue with revisiting GKnova6 matierals, but when I worked side-by-side with some the men and women who worked to decode it, I can't help but say something. I am not saying that this is a bad thread, nor that it is useless, or anything along those lines. I am just saying that someone already did this work. That is a fact, not an opinion. I just want to ensure that they get the credit that is due to them.

I know what it feels like to arrive on scene a bit late, try not to worry about it. These things happen.

I will give you this, your thoughts on the illuminati to establish world order is interesting. If you know your history on arial overhead, then you might find it interesting to know that overhead watch was considered useless and impractical for a decent time until it was pushed into use. I have a book about it lying around my house somewhere, let me see if I can find it....

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I know what it feels like to arrive on scene a bit late, try not to worry about it. These things happen

More of that Elitist attitude I was talking about.... :roll:

I will continue to contest that I have brought much new information to this site on the topic.

Besides the link I posted earlier to the other "Dragon Lady" thread, here's all the previous information that was given during the Live Drop season....

CoD: Black Ops Pre-Order Poster Zombie Speculation/Info

Info on "dragon lady" It was a recon plane.



"The only loss of a U-2 during combat operations occurred on 8 October 1966, when Major Leo Stewart, flying with the 349th Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron, developed mechanical problems high over North Vietnam. The U-2 managed to return to South Vietnam where Stewart ejected safely. The U-2 crashed near its base at Bien Hoa. .[14]"


Yo, been following this Whole GKNOVA6 Thing for quite a while now, but only today I Had the decency to register.

Anyway, I Found something that has probably been noted before and maybe not important. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_AQUATONE

The plane, Lockheed U-2, was nicknamed "Dragon Lady".


DragonLady history re the Cuban Crisis

On 14 October 1962, a U-2 from the 4080th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing, based at Laughlin Air Force Base near Del Rio, Texas, and piloted by Major Richard S. Heyser, photographed the Soviet military installing nuclear warhead missiles in Cuba, precipitating the Cuban Missile Crisis. Heyser concluded this flight at McCoy AFB in Orlando, Florida, where the 4080th established a U-2 operating location for the duration of the crisis. On 27 October 1962, in flight from McCoy AFB, a U-2 was shot down over Cuba by two SA-2 Guideline surface-to-air missiles, killing the pilot, Major Rudolf Anderson, Jr.[11] Anderson was posthumously awarded the first Air Force Cross.
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Alright, that is blatant disrespect for your staff here. I am not going to get caught up in a shouting contest or start any sort of flame, as it is my job to do otherwise. Everything I can possibly say on this subject has been said and put into record, giving me no more reason to concern myself with a member when he is being unreasonable when I am simply attempting to inform you on the situation.

All this said, I will now leave this topic in peace, but know that in the future we will not tolerate open disrespect towards our staff. I am not sure what your problem is, and maybe you don't know me well enough to get who I am. Maybe you think everyone is a sinic who just wants to fight. I however always try my best to remain fair and friendly, so I don't understand where you call pull out "rude and elitist." :|

So just relax. I am not going to take this thread away from you, and if you REALLY feel you dislike me, then take solace in the fact that I am done with here and will direct my attention elsewhere.

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Emblem for ROC Air Force 35th Squadron, AKA the Black Cat Squadron


In 1958 the CIA made a secret agreement with the Republic of China (Taiwan) to create the ROCAF 35th Squadron. This was very much a Black Ops project run by the CIA.

The US was to supply the planes, and the technical support for the missions. In exchange, the Taipei Airforce provided the pilots and shared intel logistics from flown missions over China.

The Black Cat Squadron unit was created under the guise of performing high-altitude weather research missions for the ROCAF.

The ROCAF were always kept in the dark about which American operatives they were in contact with, or even which government agencies they were dealing with.

The project was known as Project RAZOR and was directly run by the CIA with the assistance of the USAF. The project was not under normal USAF control, and any personnel assigned to the unit were known as Detachment H on all documents. All Taipei personel were given Lockheed ID badges with fake ID's on them.

The Black Cat squadron flew over 100 spy missions, and never had more than two U-2 aircrafts in it's service at any one time.

The intelligence gathered by the Black Cat Squadron, included evidence of military build-up on China's border with the Soviet Union. This evidence revealed escalating tensions between the two communist countries. Some believe that this evidence is what led to the US opening trade to China during Nixon's administration.

The Black Cat Squadron was disbanded in mid 1974

http://blog.rti.org.tw/english/2010/02/ ... e-history/


http://museum.mnd.gov.tw/English/Publis ... 62&Level=2

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