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Anyone else notice the amount of depth?

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Don't get me wrong, I loved the MW trilogy and was a very fun campaign. I look back now and there games are SO straightforward though.

IW/MW series - level, level, level, cool you found intel that does nothing, level, level, epic ending. They could've developed a story with survival or leave clues to the campaign and maybe some plot holes.

Treyarch - level, level, intel that REVEALS STORY, clues on maps towards stories, hidden easter eggs, level, level, mind boggling campaign.

Don't even make me start with zombies ;)

I love(d) both series and they both leave great campaigns but I have to feel Treyarch puts SO much more into their games.

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Yea I agree! Sometimes I'm amazed at what treyarch does with Easter eggs and how they come up with stories ... Personally I don't really bother with mw and I think that the zombies storyline is one of the greatest stories I've ever known of or at least what we do know of it ! :lol:

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Mw felt like a crappy action movie. Kill terrorists. kill Russians. kill bad guy, terrorists and Russians all at once. That's what happens if you neglect you're campaign.

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Its like this..

IW series of CoD is like.. Michael Bay films..explosions and explosions blarggh blarrgh yay action movie,

Then 3Arc's is like ..Donnie Darko, Requiem for a Dream type movies..where it draws you in and so much meaning to the movies it self and whatnot.

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There is a huge difference in the campaigns between Treyarch and IW. I loved WaW and Black Ops campaign as it drew me into it. There was always twists in the story and the levels played out great with you getting thrown into different situations and being put in different vehicles but there was something in MW3's campaign (i didn't play MW2 or MW1 but did look at the story behind them) that didn't do it for me. All the levels seemed to have the same layout, a vertical stretch of land where you've been given a weapon and told to make it across without dieing. Occasionally adding a turn or a house you have to go through, and a lot of breaching on the campaign and mission mode gets VERY tiring.

I'm not saying IW's campaigns have been bad but i prefer Treyarchs.

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