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My Call of the Dead Solo Strategy

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Requirements: Easter Egg COMPLETE

Perks: Jugg, any 3 others.


Slot1: Scavenger

Slot2: Dissasembler, Lamentation, Upgraded Famas, something like that.

Slot3: N/A until Aquiring Mule Kick. Otherwise, any weapon.

This works best when making trains. Any of the usual looping spots work with this.

Try to get your "Slot2" weapon as early as possible. Do as you wish until around 10-20 (or whenever u get your Slot2), save a crawler (key here) and kill George. Get the WunderWaffe. Kill the crawler AFTER George is completely gone.

For the single round George is absent, use the Wunderwaffe (if you dont mind losing it eventually) Or Flopper (If you want to save the Waffe/Just finished getting all 8 perks.)

After Aquiring the perks you want (or all of them) Save the Waffe untill George returns. Make him mad and have him chase you, as you are building up a train. Let him shock you a few times, to zap up all the zombies, and use the Waffe from there. Make sure EVERY group you zap is pre-zapped by George. This is key here. If done right, you always get a MAx Ammo apon reaching your last, or first to last clips. If you dont, whip out ur Famas, kill George and get another one. (Only had to do so a couple times. I usually got a Max Ammo)

George Zapped Zombies will ONLY Drop Max Ammos, if you kill them with a No-Power up Weapon. WunderWaffe and Scavenger.

I got to 73 last night doing this. It works really really well. I used the "Land in front of Lighthouse" train spot when I got to 73, but I tried it with other spots after. Start Room, Bottom of Lighthouse, Power room area. Not as good affects (cept in start room) but they work, if you are on your toes. And it just gets easier as the rounds go up. Just takes longer.

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Usually I pass on the Scavenger Actually. My Slot 1 weapon is often just the M14 or M16, 2 early guns that can benefit you up through round 30 with no problem.

Slot 2 weapon is basicly just a good "George Killer" weapon from the Box. For this strategy, ya gotta kill George atleast 6 times to get complete full benefit from it. I reccomend the Upgraded Famas or upgraded Draganov. Once you get one of those, your Slot 1 weapon will quickly become obsolete, should you decide to try and keep the WunderWaffe. The Waffe should last until George Returns (considering you killed your last zombie AFTER he "died") and then its just a process of surviving with George pissed at you until your Waffe ammo runs low, then you just kill him again, get another free Perk and a New Wunderwaffe.

Slot 3 is whatever the hell you want. I just bought the AK once I got Mule Kick. I didnt even need the 3rd gun, because I had virtually endless WunderWaffe ammo.

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Yeah, thats why I recommend it for this strategy. The Upgraded Dragonov is really a beast though, I prefer it over most weapons any day, just not for single zombie kills. I know the benefits of every gun. I have had decent round runs (25-30+) with every weapon at least once. No weapon is really worse than any other, just require much different tactics. Eventually, they all become crap lol.

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So how do you continuously kill stuff for the rest of rounds that George is away? A full wunderwaffe will only last an entire round up through round 43.

It's not possible to use the max ammo trick while George is gone.

What did you do after round 43 when the wunderwaffe runs out of ammo?

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lol master. what's up bud.

That would work up to a point when the amount of flops becomes completely ridiculous. Outside the lighthouse is also not a place I want to have a shit ton of crawlers.

Yeah, I can testify to that, lol


Keep in mind, I had been playing for about 10 hours straight, my L3 button was malfunctioning, and my hand was cramping very badly because of it. But I think subconsciously, I wanted to go down at the point I did. Trying to Phd Flop for as long as I did, was just ridiculous. It was only a matter of time before things went wrong.

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I Should be putting together another COTD tips and tricks vid pretty soon. The max ammo trick I showed in my first one (the one this guy is describing) is pretty rad. I'm starting to refine it a bit more. I am going try-hard for round 60. I've gotten close, but end up making some dumb mistakes.

Flopping is just not practical. Really learning the max ammo trick with both the ww and the scavenger is the key. It keeps you from having to PAP or re-spin the box. Continuously, or even mid round. This map is really a pain in the ass.

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Yeah, I need to plan a return trip back to CotD soon as well.

Back when I made that video, I took my strategy about as far as you can really go with it. That was when the map was still new. And I was really stumped as to what to do at that point, to push into further rounds, 50+. No traps, no reliable way to get a Max Ammo. Couldn't think of a way to safely hit the box in most spots on this map, mid-round. Having to deal with George every other round. High rounds are just brutal on this map.

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That's the thing. You CAN rely on a max ammo. Watch my vid dude. There's a way to know exactly when you'll get one. That way you can budget your ammo better, and not have to rely on the box all the time. I'm almost at round 50 today, and still using the same ray gun and scavenger I've had all game. I haven't had to respin the box yet. I will eventually, but it's working out.

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I found the Max Ammo trick with George to be pretty reliable. Takes a LOT of Flopping sometimes if you lose your WunderWaffe and then get a new one (no more than 1 round though. Flopping on 43 took about 20 minutes to kill the round)

I find the WunderWaffe, while using this strategy, is in itself a Trap. A Trap you can get Ammo and Points from. It seems like George will always cause a Max Ammo to drop right as you get to your last Clip. Thats just how it kept happening, once I reached 3 shots remaining, an ammo dropped right after. (There was one time where I got to my last shot, so I Flopped to save it, and the Flop dropped a Nuke, and the Nuke made a zombie drop an Ammo)

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