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Choppers advanced guide to Kino

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Hi Guys, this is something I wrote about 8 months ago.

I can see a few things I would do differently, but not that much.

I would definitely appreciate some of your ideas on how this was/is and what advanced stuff still needs to go in.

This strategy is not for new players. It's designed for those who know how to play but haven't got a consistent strategy to follow and find themselves dieing around level 18 to 25. This gives you massive amounts of points and allows box or trap whoring at later levels. It's also the quickest in my opinion way of getting to level 20, and there aren't many methods which get you to 30 much quicker. Any that do sacrifice points for speed.

By having huge amounts of points when you run out of ammo on any gun you can just hit the box until you get it back. For the Thunder this is essential.

This strategy will work for 2, 3 or 4 players with slight tweaking. It's easiest in my opinion with 3 but 2 players will certainly be quicker. The main goal is to maximise points in the first 20 rounds whilst clearing them as quickly as possible.

From 31 and up it depends on how far you want to go and how long you are prepared to take to get there. Using this method you will gain enough points in the first 30 rounds to easily get to 40 without firing a single bullet and just using your points to set traps if you wish.

So the strategy:

First 10 rounds - avoid instakill and nukes if you can, it's unlikely if you use the stabbing only method however.

Use firesales to hit up the closest box to you, in the first 10 rounds you can get away with this more as the Bowie is one hit kill.

Use all your bullets round 1 and 2, you don't want to get a max ammo and then have lost the 40 bullets you start with, that's 1600 points between the team, or the first and second door.

Round 1 - shoot all zombies 6 times, then stab. Rebuild the windows whilst they are attacking them 4 times, and then let the last zombie completely tear them down.

Round 2 - shoot them 8 times each, and stab them once they are out of the window. Hope for a max ammo.

Round 3 and 4. Shoot all zombies 8 times, then stab till they die. You should be able to keep them behind the barriers, don't let them out as a nuke will destroy your points. Even if you run out of bullets you should be able to stab them all before they break down the barriers, just keep repairing them. That's 150 points for round 3 zombies, 160 for round 4. If you let them out and are lucky you may get a *2 but you are also as likely to get a nuke or insta kill, both of which rob you of points.

Round 5 - get to MP40, all get it and leave the stakeout, you don't need it and it's a waste of money. 1 person returns to lobby, 1 person in the portrait room and 2 at the bottom of both staircases in the MP40 room. 4 MP40 and 1 knife, if there are too many zombies headshots. The lobby person will get the most points, they will open the next 2 doors.

The next part is the main thing, open the doors to the stage and as soon as everyone has 3000 points turn the power on and get a Bowie knife each. You can sometimes do this by the end of round 5, but it's more likely to be 6 or 7, depending on dogs.

Round 6 - if 5 wasn't this is likely to be dogs. 2 people in lobby, 2 in MP40 room. Move around, don't be cornered. A tip on dogs....as you see them spawn, get your crosshairs near them and then alternate ADS and firing bullets quickly, the auto aim will tear them apart in 5 or 6 bullets max. The first dog round is the hardest in my opinion, after this it's literally a free round and can be used to collect perks, or hit the box.

Round 7 - Should have the Bowie now, 1 person in lobby, 2 on stage and 1 in the MP40 room. You should be able to shoot a clip into the early zombies, and then Bowie knife. Once you have 2500, get Juggs!

Round 8 - until next dogs. Same positions, with juggs and Bowie it's cake.

Dogs will come round 10 or 11, just unleash a pistol clip into them and then use Bowie to finish them, make sure your guns are reloaded before stabbing the last dog.

Round 11 - 15. Stay in same positions, but you will need to start collecting the zombies and then firing at head height into lines of them. You can still shoot about 8 MP40 bullets and then 1 knife, but past round 13 it's easy to get bogged down.

In the lobby you can circle around the link pad, or use the stairs if it gets too busy. Walk slowly around the stairs though, you don't want them meeting you going down the other side.

In the MP40 room just circle the stairs, it takes some getting used to but it's generally the quietest area in my experience, you should be able to find the way.

On the stage just circle the back part as a team, once at M16 corner unload into the nice straight line coming at you.

At round 12 or so leave a gas zombie and start hitting the box. It's down to personal preference what you now get. I personally aim to get a Ballistic Knife and then PAP it ASAP, for the revive capability as much as the points you can get and OHK until 14. In theory an MP40 into a crowd and all zombies killed with a headshot will gain you more points but who is able to get all headshots? Always ensure that you keep at minimum 5000 points, this will ensure you can get Juggs back and have some points to spare.

There are a couple of different options.

Everyone eventually wants a point scorer and a get you out of trouble gun. If you are confident in your team 2 players don't necessarily need the get out of trouble gun.

Points scorers are MP40, M16, Commando, Galil, HK and for the first 18 rounds PAPed Ballistic Knife. Python gets a honorable mention as between round 12 and 18 1 python shot and then 1 Bowie will down them.

Get you out trouble guns are Ray, Thunder and PAPed crossbow, in the first 20 rounds these will save you from bad situations.

My team preference is as follows

Player 1 - Thundergun and MP40, M16, HK, RPK, Commando or Galil.

This player will stay on the stage.

Player 2 - Ray Gun and MP40, M16, HK, RPK, Commando or Galil.

This playe will stay in the MP40 room.

Player 3 - PAPed Knife and MP40, M16, HK, RPK, Commando or Galil.

This player will stay on the stage.

Player 4 - PAPed crossbow and MP40, M16, HK, RPK, Commando or Galil.

This player will stay in the lobby.

EVeryone should also have monkeys. I find that by round 20 everyone can be setup like this.

Only PAP the Thunder, Ray, HK, RPK and M16. When you run out of bullets on any other except the MP40 just swap it out, for either and M16, MP40 or hit the box again.

Perks - Juggs is number 1, then Quick Revive for the players without a Ballistic knife.

Speedy cola is a bonus rather than a necessity. Double tap is good if you can aim well and don't spray. It's essential for an HK as it reduces the recoil and the fire rate is very slow on that gun.

The first 20 rounds I only get Juggs and quick revive if I don't have the Ballistic kinfe.

Once past round 7 don't bother locking doors, it slows the game down too much and the points just aren't worth it for the amount of time it takes. If you have free time while waiting for the last zombie to die lock the close ones to the lobby and MP40 room but leave the stage.

From 15 to 20 keep to the same positions, you can still do the job with an MP40 only if you wish. If you are the lobby player and run out of ammo collect all zombies and head towards the MP40. Communicate with the lobby player and the goal is to bring your zombies together and then run them to the dressing room, before unleashing into them. Two players should be able to stay far enough away from the stage runners that the zombies don't get confused and split.

From rounds 21 to 25. An MP40 will not cut it if you plan on staying in the same positions, this is especially true for the lobby player.

The MP40 room player can obviously continue to use this, it will be insane amount of points.

The stage runners can have an upgraded M16 as the ammo is readily available. They can also use a Ray Gun for easy kills or an RPK or HK for lots of points. This is the same for the lobby player. The ray gun/HK/RPK should last a couple of rounds before needing to be upgraded once out of ammo.

After 25 we do the following:

2 players run laps together, collecting at the front of the stage before walking the lap, dodging anything in front.

2 players circle the stage clockwise, beginning at M16, then by the back wall where the box is and then along the front back to M16. Both turn round and aim for heads from this point...upgraded M16 is not a bad idea in this situation, up to round 30 you will earn back around 7k to offset the cost of ammo.

Communication is the key, the lap players need to come out of the dressing room at the same time the stage players arrive at it from their circle.

After round 30 we start using traps or Thunder to kill them. Thunder player now comes to the stage and if you are able to do it have 3 players by M16, killing everything coming out of that window and any coming from the back wall. The thunder player needs to get a tight group of zombies by the set of stairs away from the teleporter. Practise, practise, practise is the key to this. Once you have the entire group 1 Thunder will take care of them. Do this 4 times a round, boom 100 - 140 zombies dead.

The M16 group can shoot into them but only above head height, killing a gas zombie can screw up the circling player.

When using a trap we circle in the same way but then either go through the dressing room and turn on the trap or out through the lobby.

If you get a tight enough group the trap will kill them all within seconds, allowing you to walk back through it with Juggs just as they start spawning again.

Teleporter can also be used in the same way.

You can also use the circling as a group and then using the traps but it's hard to get a team of 4 through the lap after round 30.

Ray guns are point stealers, only use maybe between 25 and 35 for the 3 players at the M16 corner to help them handle the zombies that come their way.

If you run out of ammo on your point scorer just get another one. MP40, M16, doesn't matter, past 30 it takes too much effort to kill them anyway. You are purely getting points for traps.

Rinse and repeat until you are bored.

There are safer ways to do this, and plenty of alternative effective strategies. This is to me is the quickest method, and it's point whoring at it's best.

How to revive a player safely depends on stopping for a few seconds after they go down and having a think.

Any zombies on the map will always go for the closest player, wherever they may be. This is the key to safely reviving someone. 4 players is the easiest, then 3 and 2 can be a real pain without monkeys.

If you play Kino and stay entirely on the Lobby, MP40, Dressing Room and Stage side you can sprint a circuit and have time to spare for the revive. This is sometimes the only way to revive someone, especially when you are lapping together.

If you are lapping this is what to do - stop killing any zombies. Continue to circle but one player should sprint of ahead, and let the other 2 keep walking the zombies. This will ensure that all zombies should continue to follow the 2 players, leaving the sprinting player able to do a lap without encountering a horde of zombies, rather the odd 1 or 2.

If you are playing the way I have described in my strategy the way to revive depends on where someone goes down.

For instance - playing 2 on the stage, 1 in the lobby and 1 in the MP40 room.

First things first, if someone is down stop killing zombies!! You do not want any new spawners.

If the MP40 room player goes down all his or her zombies are going to go to either the stage or the lobby player. You want them to go to the stage player. To ensure this happens the stage players need to get the zombies over to the M16 corner and then 1 will sprint through to the dressing room, encouraging the zombies away from the lobby player. Once this player has the zombies following him back towards the stage the player from the lobby can walk to the portrait room, and then sprint down the stairs to revive the fallen player.

If the lobby player goes down I suggest the MP40 room player moves slowly through the dressing room and waits for the zombies from the lobby to come down through the theatre. Circle the stage as a threesome for a bit and once there is a clear path someone needs to sprint through to the lobby for the revive.

If a stage player goes down 9/10 the other player can perform the revive on his own. The downed player needs to crawl to in front of the box at the back of the stage whilst the other player continues to circle. What he or she then needs to do is lead the players of the stage using the steps to the left when looking towards the lobby, walk slowly along the front of the stage, waiting for most of the zombies to jump down (remember they take the shortest direct line to you, they don't need stairs). Once this has happened you can sprint up the stairs infront of the teleporter, go to the left towards the M16, to the back of the stage and then along for the revive.

New tactic - very high level 2p strategy...fastest possible way to do Kino.

Setup -

Player 1 - ThunderGun and anything, probably AK74u.

Player 2 - PAPed Crossbow and anything, probably AK74u.

The idea is to stay in the alley, collect 2 groups before combining and getting rid of in 1 go with either a trap or Thundergun.

The reason for staying in the alley is so that no gas crawlers span, as they are the slowest.

The back gate of the alley should be shut, 1 player is going to circle in this little area.

The other player is going to circle either in the MPL room or by Double Tap.

I can't explain how to do this, you either will be able to or you won't. Many people now know the idea of combining zombies, from ascension, shangri-la or moon. This is kino's version on steroids.

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Another great write-up mate, would give you [brains] but I've given you to many apparently :lol: Just wish more players could read these guides so that playing with randoms would be more enjoyable :roll:

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Thanks for the comments guys. Sometimes Super it does seem like flogging a dead horse with these guides.

I however have always enjoyed writing about most things zombies and if you haven't noticed I'm kinda opinionated ;)

If I help even 1 other person I'm pretty happy with that.

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