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Written Steps for the Big Bang Theory Easter Egg (w/ pics)


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Grats for the sticky ;) An earned one!

This helps maybe at most difficult steps 9 and 11 :mrgreen: (I mean that serious!)

It's about how to throw the gersh and the qed without air safely at the desired location.

I know you mentioned that the order is flexible. It might just make everything more complicated, but wouldn't it be a good idea, to specify this just a bit? I'm always a bit annoyed, that all guides are step by step based. For example, just collect the wire the first time you pass by the labs. So you save your time, to go back later on. Or do the rod-charge while Mister X is AFK, get the Plates up to Moon when you anyway teleport etc. I don't know if it would be a good idea to specify this, since the guide should not be too complicated. Anyway I made this little picture to illustrate ;) [just having too much time]

Thanks for the feedback ;)

Great suggestion. I have made a note in the bright green text in the beginning of the guide now that states these steps do not need to be performed in specific order.

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Hey guys just to help you must have cotd ensemble cast achievement and it has to be done online and if you only have cotd easter egg you will spawn with golden rod but cant use it but what want to know is what if 1 person has cotd easter egg and 1 person has shangri la easter egg will it still work

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