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Killed George.. No perk?

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So in my recent game of COTD, we killed george, he got down on one knee, i knifed him with my sickle, heard a samantha laugh, and there was no george, no perk, and no death machine.

We killed george, then didnt get a perk, wtf is that?

Has this happened to anyone else?

Does it have to do with knifing george while hes in the process of leaving?

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Sometimes he glitches when you kill him. Same happened to me when he died next to the rock near Quick Revive. He ended up coming back like normal but there was no Waffle or Perk...

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Happen to me today. We left a crawler than 1 guy was making the crawler follow him and the rest of us just sickled gorge to death. Takes about 10 minutes and there was no perk :roll:. My friend said sometimes the perk doesn't pop up if you are too close when George dies.

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Whenever I play solo he'll actually teleport to another body of water with the perk and the DM/DG2 sometimes. I feel like whenever Id use the Hyena and put 20 shots in him he'd drop them right where you shot him. But if I did the minimum to kill him he'd teleport.

But it's no glitch, you can actually see him leave a red trail behind him in the direction that he went to. Try quickly searching the other bodies of water next time it doesn't appear. I actually killed George by Stamin-up once and the perk and DM appeared in the water across from the Ak74u.

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I've had similar experiences to OstonedshooterO. The other day in a match with 3 others they were knifing him to death with the sickle, near the quick revive machine. I was by the box closest to the Stamin-up hitting the mystery box and when he died both the perk bottle and the death machine spawned right next to me in the water. This happened a few other times as well.

So, I don't think the items actually glitch out and don't spawn but instead I believe they just spawn at some other area on the map.

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