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Interaction with Romero

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When george screams and hits the ground for what seems to be no apparent reason, you can hear what sounds like a stone door sliding open or closed. In the trailer the developers say there were other ways to interact with george besides killing him, what did he mean? Also in the original trailer you can see an HK21 with a scope and drum mag attatched. Where did these come from? I dont think it was accicdently put in the video. I believe there is a connection between george, the strange glyph/symbol on the ice wall in the pond at the beginning and these weapon attatchments. Ive been trying to figure this out but my efforts have yielded nothing but confusion and frustration. We've done the "big" egg so lets move on to finding out how to get weapon attatchments? :shock:

The rock sliding noise is pap opening up.... Buy yea, everytime the pap goes somewhere a rock goes under water and pap appears where the rock was.

Im More interested in finding out what you can do when George makes you electrified. I have been electrified twice aleady and it is either a cool ass glitch or its something we can use. I tried a few things which I have had no success. One of those was trying to see if when Im electrified and a zombie hits me. If they get electrocuted but they do not. Also, it only lasts for a few rounds before it dissapears and you can only be electrified if you stay around George for a long time and you magically get electrified during the groud, pound.

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yea ive been curious about this for a while but though id just wait and see.


did anyone see the tips at the beginning of zombies???

enemies turn crosshairs red but WHAT DOES IT MEAN WHEN THE CROSSHAIRS TURN BLUE.

has anyone had their crosshairs turn blue.

could be connected to romero

The crosshairs are blue when you aim over a downed teamate with the upgraded balisitic knife :)

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